Bike Utah Announces Push for 2,015 Share the Road License Plates in 2015


In an effort to expand education efforts for bicyclists and motorists all across Utah, Bike Utah announced that they are working to get more Share the Road license plates onto vehicles in 2015. The funding provided from these plates will help Bike Utah to advance a much needed bicycle curriculum in Utah. Currently, there are 865 plates in circulation across Utah.

Bike Utah Executive Director, Phil Sarnoff, stated that there is need for a more formal educational program in Utah for all road users, regardless of how they choose to get around. Sarnoff said, “As it is in many European countries, this type of bicycle-focused education should be integrated into the educational system. There is no other organized way for these skills to be taught to all future members of the community.”

With the expanded funds obtained through the Share the Road license plates, Bike Utah plans to implement curriculum for students to learn how to safely navigate through their communities on bicycle. They also plan to work with driver education courses so that new drivers are educated about how to drive around people on bicycles in order to keep all road users safe.

Help Bike Utah pursue this vision of broader bicycle education. It’s not necessary to wait until your vehicle registration renewal comes due. You can order your plates now at your nearest DMV or by following the directions at the following link:


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