Bike Utah to Introduce Safe Cyclist Program


By Scott Lyttle — This fall, Bike Utah will be introducing the Safe Cyclist program, a new bicycle commuting safety education presentation geared toward beginner and intermediate riders.

Did you know that bike commuters are healthier, happier and more alert employees? According to the Happiness Dividend study, happy employees can raise: sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and task accuracy by 19%.

The Safe Cyclist program will help encourage employees to get out and lead a more active lifestyle. The one-hour hands-on presentation will cover the following topics:

  1. How to properly outfit yourself and your bicycle for bike commuting.
  2. How to easily fix a flat tire and correctly lock-up your bicycle during the day.
  3. Understanding the different bicycle infrastructures on the roads.
  4. Understanding Utah bicycle laws.
  5. A hands-on route planning session for interested employees which could include using public transportation.

The Safe Cyclist program is ideal to include in Employee Wellness Programs, Corporate Health Fairs, or as a lunchtime perk for staff.

Bike Utah will be partnering with the League of American Bicyclist, Road Respect and the Salt Lake County Bicycle Ambassadors to assure a comprehensive program.

Classes and rides can be customized to your needs, schedule and desired riding area.

Please reach out to Scott Lyttle at 435-901-4191 or [email protected] to learn more about the program or to schedule a presentation.

Scott Lyttle is the Executive Director for Bike Utah,

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