BLM Proposes Camping Restrictions At Phil’s World MTB Trails and at Durango Areas in Colorado


Comments Due by April 29, 2024

By Charles Pekow — Proposed regulations for the Phil’s World Recreation Management Zone in Colorado would permit mountain biking but prohibit camping due to issues with human waste and litter, according to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Photo courtesy Visit Durango

The area, renowned for its mountain biking trails, faces challenges maintaining its natural integrity amidst increasing visitor numbers.

BLM emphasizes that the trail system, located near Cortez and catering to mountain bikers of all skill levels, is best suited for day use. Developed or semi-developed camping facilities would disrupt the area’s natural ambiance.

“Developed or semi-developed camping sites within this unit would be out of character for this setting,” BLM explains.

However, nearby options are available for bikepackers seeking overnight stays.

Similarly, in the Durango Special Recreation Management Area, biking during the day would be allowed, but nighttime access and campfires would be restricted in the Animas City Mountain, Skyline, and Grandview RMZs.

“The proximity of these RMZs to the city of Durango, as well as an increase in transient, unhoused people in the region, has resulted in non-recreation-related dispersed camping impacts to this landscape,” BLM explains.

The BLM is seeking public input on these proposed regulations until April 29. Further details can be found at


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