Connector Trail in Kootenai National Forest to get restored


Cycling West magazine logoBy Charles Pekow

A small investment of funds and time may make the difference between a usable and unusable trail. Kootenai National Forest just got the go-ahead to spend $750 on repairing the Arbo Creek Trail near Libby, Montana. The work should take only two or three days, though it’s not clear when it will begin.

The Lincoln County Resource Advisory Committee approved the staff-proposed project June 28. The trail accesses Wee Lake and the Skyline Trail via Arbo Creek along a former United States Forest Service (USFS) road. When the road was converted into a multi-purpose trail, USFS replaced the drainage system an effort to improve water flow, which created the unfortunate consequence of creating mounds that “make the trail unnecessarily difficult for bicycles,” according to the project proposal.

USFS plans to use an excavator to make the drainage system “more user-friendly” and improve trail access. Proposed completion date: June 2018.


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