New Bike Facilties Coming to US 20/26 in Boise, Idaho


By Charles Pekow — A major highway project in Idaho got the federal green light. And it will include bike lanes and should make it much more comfortable to ride between Boise and I-84. The Federal Highway Administration gave the go-ahead to upgrades for about 15 miles of the US 20/26 Corridor in Ada and Canyon counties from Junction I-84 to Eagle Road. The road goes through the cities of Boise, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa.

The road will be widened from two to six lanes. FHWA’s Environmental Assessment (EA) determined the project will not cause significant environmental damage. It could take till 2040 before the project is competed, however.

Currently, cyclists must ride on the shoulders, even though the the speed limit is 55 mph along most of the corridor. (During construction, the situation could become worse for cyclists, the EA notes.) It also refers to “poor system-wide connectivity so non-motorized travel over an extended distance is limited.”

The plan calls for adding signals at intersections which would help cyclists cross the highway in Caldwell, Meridian and Eagle, which many consider too dangerous now. The plan foresees increased motorized traffic and calls for a multi-use pathway west of Meridian Road. Anyone who doesn’t like the decision can file suit until May 11. Details:


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