Public Process Taking Place on the Future of the I-Street Jumps


By Dave Iltis

The I-Street Jumps is a user built unofficial bike terrain park in the upper Avenues of Salt Lake City adjacent to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The jumps have been constructed over approximately the last 17 years on the outskirts of Morris Meadows on land owned by the Salt Lake City Watershed District.

Recently, the City Parks Department and the Watershed District along with stakeholders, including the Wasatch Area Freeride Trails Association have begun a public process to determine the future of the area with an emphasis on a collaborative public process.

Possible outcomes include legalizing and managing the area or needing to relocate a water tank in the area of the jumps. Generally, the process is designed to better manage the area, and to provide recreational opportunities for cyclists, and to prevent unmanaged building of terrain features. Further considerations include erosion control, safety, and conservation of natural resources.

The public process tentative schedule is:

June 21: Planning Open House and brainstorming session and presentation of ideas and issues.

June 29: On site meeting with stakeholders at I Street Jumps.

July and August: Solicit additional citizen input and development of ideas and alternatives

September 20: Presentation of revised ideas

October 18: Planning Open House

The Parks Department is interested in hearing from citizens and stakeholders. Take part in the public process, find out more information, and submit comments at To find out more about becoming involved with the citizen group Wasatch Area Freeride Trails Association (WAFTA), visit

Note: The cover photo of this month’s issue was taken at the I-Street Jumps.


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