Action Alert – Utah State Legislature to Consider Bicycle Education Funding for Kids

Bicycle Rodeo Instructor Trainings will be offered this summer in Salt Lake City. The Bike Bonanza, held each year, offers a bike rodeo for kids. Photo by Dave Iltis
The Bike Utah Clean Air Kids program would teach Utah children safe riding habits. This is a photo from the Bike Bonanza bike rodeo. Photo by Dave Iltis

February 9, 2016 – The Utah State Legislature will be considering funding a bicycle education program for children. The Bike Utah Clean Air Kids program will be emphasizing improving air quality by teaching kids aged 10-12 to safely ride their bikes.

The appropriation is before the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee, a joint committee of the Utah House and Senate. The amount of the appropriation is $175,000, and Bike Utah has secured an equal amount in matching funds through donors. According to Bike Utah’s Executive Director Phil Sarnoff, they have “a combination of cash and in-kind donations from the following: Safe Routes to School; Sorenson Legacy Foundation; Utah Department of Health; George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation; University of Utah; UTA; and Mavic.”

The committee meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 8 am in room 210 of the Utah Senate Building (at the Utah State Capitol) and is open to the general public. Interested citizens can email comments to the committee members.

Bike Utah, the statewide advocacy organization, sent us the following statement and call to action:

Help Us Secure Funding to Train 6,000 Children to Safely Get Around by Bicycle!

Bike Utah has been working with Senator Todd Weiler to secure a legislative appropriation. These funds will allow Bike Utah to train children all across Utah to safely and confidently get around by bicycle as a means of helping to improve our air quality. This is a statewide program, so, regardless of where you live, we plan to have an impact. This program has the potential to benefit all of us who ride. More children riding bicycles means more parents and drivers who are aware of the safety needs of people on bicycle.

We need your help today!

Please take 15 minutes to reach out to all of the members of the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee. If you know any of the committee members personally, please give them a call. If you don’t know them personally, please send e-mails to all of the members of the committee. If they are your senator or representative, mention that you are one of their constituents.

Talking and E-mail points are below.

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee

Sen. David P. Hinkins, Senate Chair – [email protected] – 435-384-5550
Rep. Mike K. McKell, House Chair – [email protected] – 801-210-1495
Rep. Kay J. Christofferson, House Vice Chair – [email protected] – 801-592-5709
Sen. Jim Dabakis – [email protected] – 801-815-3533
Sen. Margaret Dayton – [email protected] – 801-221-0623
Sen. Scott K. Jenkins – [email protected] – 801-731-5120
Sen. Peter C. Knudson – [email protected] – 435-730-2026
Sen. Ralph Okerlund – [email protected] – 435-979-7077
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell – [email protected] – 435-790-0675
Rep. Scott H. Chew – [email protected] – 435-630-0221
Rep. Susan Duckworth – [email protected] – 801-250-0728
Rep. Brian M. Greene – [email protected] – 801-358-1338
Rep. Stephen G. Handy – [email protected] – 801-979-8711
Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes – [email protected] – 385-239-3600
Rep. Lynn N. Hemingway – [email protected] – 801-231-2153
Rep. Ken Ivory – [email protected] – 801-694-8380
Rep. Michael E. Noel – [email protected] – 435-616-5603
Rep. Lee B. Perry – [email protected] – 435-225-0430
Rep. Marc K. Roberts – [email protected] – 801-210-0155

Talking/E-mail Points – The emphasis is on improving air quality

Please support the appropriation for Bike Utah Clean Air Kids through the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee

With more than 50% of Utah’s air pollution coming from motor vehicles, we need to find more ways to get people out of their cars

Bike Utah Clean Air Kids will train children in Utah how to safely and confidently get around by bicycle

Providing this training will help build lifelong habits that encourage the next generation to use bicycles more widely for transportation and, consequently, help to improve Utah’s air quality

In support of this program, Bike Utah has secured matching funds equivalent to the amount of the appropriation request

Thank you for your help in making Utah more bicycle friendly!


Phil Sarnoff

Executive Director

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