UDOT Releases New App to Report Roadway Issues

UDOT's click n fix app is good for reporting problems on state owned roads and highways.
UDOT’s click n fix app is good for reporting problems on state owned roads and highways.

By Dave Iltis

June 2014 – The Utah Department of Transportation has released a new smartphone app called UDOT Click ‘N Fix to report roadway issues on state owned roads.

The app, which runs on both iPhone and Android platforms, allows users to snap a photo, add geolocation data, and details on the type of hazard. Once submitted, it is routed by UDOT to the appropriate department that can fix the issue.

UDOT licenses the technology from SeeClickFix.com and released the app earlier this year.

I tried it out recently to report a chunk of cement in the roadway on 300 W and 100 S in Salt Lake City. It was easy to use the app. UDOT responded quickly to the post to say that it had been sent to the maintenance division. I have not verified that it has been fixed, but I’m assuming that will happen quickly. The best part of the app is that it’s free. UDOT pays SeeClickFix a fee each year for extra features beyond the open version.

The app only works on UDOT roads, however. This is a drawback, since it’s sometimes difficult to know what government agency or municipality operates the road. The app, however, has road ownership data and won’t allow you to report issues that are not on UDOT or USDOT roads (which are operated by UDOT). Additionally, the options for the type of issue do not include anything bike specific. According to our source, UDOT has no plans to add any bike specific reporting options either. However, the existing options should cover most roadway issues for cyclists.

Download the apps:

IPhone App

Android App


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