Salt Lake County Parks and Trails Bond Passes – Ensures Completion of Jordan River Parkway and PRATT Trail


November 7 – By Dave Iltis and Mitchell Andrus

On Tuesday, November 6, Salt Lake County Proposition 1 passed 178,226 to 138,801. The bond will provide funding for the completion and maintenance of several parks, and more importantly for cyclists, funding for the completion of the Jordan River Parkway and the PRATT Trail.

Parley’s Trail projects will receive $9 million to complete the trail between Tanner Park and the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The project areas include: Tanner Park to 1300 East, Hidden Hollow to McClelland St., and from 500 East to the Jordan River Parkway. The latter section would include the segment over the Roper Rail Yard.

Jordan River Parkway projects will receive $11.5 million to complete the existing gaps between Utah Lake and North Temple in Salt Lake City. When the trail is completed, cyclists will be able to ride approximately 55 miles from Utah Lake to Salt Lake City, and then along the Legacy Parkway Trail to Farmington and beyond.

Gaps remaining are from 16500 South to 15900 South, this is the northern edge of Utah Lake. Heading south from Springview Farms, 15000 South to 14600 South. Salt Lake County is currently working with West Jordan City to complete 9000 South to 8600 South along 1300 West (this will most likely be completed first once the bond money passes) and, 200 South to North Temple which already has a route planned. Some money will go to repair bridges and crossings. There will also be money for land easements and waterway use.

The bond will add approximately $6 to homeowners property tax bills.


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