Bicycling in Traffic — The Bicycle Art of Savannah Cottam


Name of artist: Savannah Cottam

About the artist: I’m currently studying film, art, and journalism at the University of Utah. My passion is in the environment and people’s well being. I aspire to actively use forms of art that engage in initiatives that contribute to meaningful transformations in people’s lives and advocate for positive change.

Title of piece: Bicycling in Traffic

Bicycling in Traffic. Digital Art by Savannah Cottam

About the piece: This artwork symbolizes certain challenges associated with traffic. The rise in cycling fatalities is an ongoing concern that instills a fear in road bikers. Many roads favor the ease of cars and lessen the ability for individuals to bike.

Medium: Digital art

Artist’s statement: In a utopian world, everyone would experience a sense of peace while navigating the roads. This artwork captures the tension arising from congested traffic conditions.

Where can people find or buy your art/ social media: People can find and buy my art on my Instagram @A.RC._


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