Cyclotoon: 20th Century Don Quixote, by Neal Skorpen

Cyclotoon: 20th Century Don Quixote, by Neal Skorpen
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  1. I like it and it is kinda funny and everyone loves to mock fossil fuel use now but seriously, does anyone really believe that there would be bikes today without fossil fuel? Every component of a bike requires fossil fuel for production. Then there is fossil fuel to bring the bike to the shop and we pick them up in our cars and trucks. I am primarily a road biker so I leave the house on my daily ride and while pedaling I see dozens of MTB’s on backs of trucks and cars headed to the mountains. More fossil fuel use. Even if all cars become electric fossil fuel would be required to generate the power they use unless we go nuke because wind and solar panel farms ain’t going to give us enough juice to do everything we want energy wise. Well end of rant. Long live the bike but let’s get real about fossil fuel. Without some new miraculous energy source discovery it is not going away real soon.

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