Bike Theft

Let’s Work Together to Prevent Bike Theft!

Bike theft is a nationwide problem and a huge problem in Utah, and very few cyclists have been lucky enough not to have had their rides stolen. Even fewer have been lucky enough to get their stolen bikes back. It’s a huge, huge issue, and it’s time the bike community stepped up to push back against the tidal wave of theft. has partnered with – the largest, free bicycle registration system in the world – to help our riders protect their bikes and to recover stolen bikes once they are ‘in the wild’.

4 Steps to Preventing and Dealing with Bike Theft!

Furthermore, if you’re on Twitter and Facebook, we could use your help!

  • Follow & retweet @cyclingutah and @bikeindex
  • Give the CyclingUtah and BikeIndex Facebook pages a visit and learn how we’re protecting people bikes, daily
  • Buying a used bike? Use the stolen bike twitterbot @isitstolen to check a bike’s serial number before you buy – especially from outlets like Craigslist, Ebay, and Offerup.
  • Buying online? Read BikeIndex’s “How Not To Buy A Stolen Bike Online” to make sure the ride you’re buying isn’t stolen
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