New Columns, Expanded Distribution, Even More Inspiration


By Mark Deterline – Assistant Editor – 

Publisher/editor Dave Iltis has asked me write this issue’s Letter from the Editor, which I’m excited and pleased to do.

I’ve been writing for Dave and his 24 year-old child, Cycling Utah (now known as both Cycling Utah and Cycling West due to the magazine’s expanding distribution), for many years. I’ve also been his informal consigliere for almost as long, which mainly consists of me complaining that in addition to his full-time dedication to the magazine and his at times challenging efforts to make the western states more bicycle friendly to all, he needs to nail the branding and marketing of the magazine as if he had the budget of Apple or Nike.

He has finally acquiesced to many of my well intentioned demands, understanding that it’s still his baby, but that it takes a village to raise one of the most enduring and informative regional cycling magazines in the country. We have enlisted the help of some of the best people in endurance sports, and we need your continued support.

Our goal: Dave won’t let me write here the terms I normally like to use to convey urgency and radness, so I will simply say that there is too much passion, dedication and talent in our region not to generate a publication of commensurate awesomeness.

Part of the changes we’ve been making are intended to elevate our athletic communities and sports to another level; we have athletes with the smarts and sophistication to help us take things to the next level, so why would we content ourselves with anything less?

Part of our renewed efforts involves tapping into our region’s natural resources and treasures, including Tom Noaker heading our new Ask Noak column, and world-class junior female Haley Batten writing her own monthly column. If you want to learn how to be a better athlete and ambassador of awesomeness, spend time learning from a master mentor and reading about what motivates a smart, driven young woman. We’ve also enlisted the help of one of Haley’s Junior Women Team USA squadmates, Rachel Anders, to provide MTB World Championships coverage from her dad’s homeland, the Czech Republic, so that you can follow that annual sports celebration and madness from her bicycle cockpit.

Finally, I wanted to mention what a treat and privilege it is in this issue to have interviewed one of the most impressive and well rounded female athletes Utah has produced, Mindy McCutcheon, as well as included a brilliant article about recovering from injury by local pro and hero, Alex Grant.

Friends, let’s do this!


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