Going the Extra Mile


By Bill Roland — A strange mishap occurred in early June to Gregg Rosann, an avid rider who lives near the University of Utah campus. His wife found a package on the street right in front of their house. She brought it in, Gregg opened it without examining the address on the package. Suddenly he realized that he had not ordered anything resembling the contents. He took a closer look and saw the package was addressed to Jeff Hepworth, the owner of the Loyal Cycle Store in Farmington.

Jeff Hepworth of Loyal Cycle in Farmington, Utah. Photo by Austin Hepworth
Jeff Hepworth of Loyal Cycle in Farmington, Utah. Photo by Austin Hepworth

Gregg’s first reaction was to contact UPS because his wife has just seen a UPS truck in the neighborhood. The UPS driver dropped by and said it was not a UPS package so there was nothing he could do. Next move Gregg made was an email to Jeff at his bike shop explaining the situation.

Jeff replied in a message to Gregg that he had wondered why there was a delay in receiving the package, but he had been so busy he had forgotten about it. He appreciated Gregg’s offer to deliver it right to the shop and promised to hook him up with something for his efforts.

A few days later, Gregg brought in the missing box and bought some cycling equipment from Jeff. In addition, he ordered some additional items online. No doubt Jeff made it up to Gregg for his honesty and extra effort to get the package to its intended address. There are many ways riders and bicycle shop owners can get along, but this was an example of a both individuals going the extra mile.

Shop information:

Loyal Cycle
15 E State St, Farmington,
UT 84025, United States

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