Electric Bikes May Help Health of People with Type-2 Diabetes


By Charles Pekow — Riding a bike can provide needed exercise for people with type-2 diabetes. But many of them lack the motivation or energy for a long ride. And a new study suggests a solution: the electronic bicycle. Riding an e-bike even seems to improve their health, a study published in the peer-reviewed British journal called Diabetic Medicine says.

E-Bikes in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Dave Iltis
E-Bikes in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Dave Iltis

Potential of Electric Bicycles to Improve the Health of People with Type 2 Diabetes: a Feasibility Study reports on a study of 20 people with the condition who were given e-bikes to ride for 20 weeks for commuting, shopping and recreation.

Participants reported it helped them climb hills and of the 18 who finished the project, 14 liked the vehicles so much that they bought one.”There was evidence that e‐cycling was acceptable, could increase fitness and elicited a heart rate that may lead to improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors in this population,” the authors conclude.

See https://research-information.bris.ac.uk/en/publications/the-potential-of-electric-bicycles-to-improve-the-health-of-peopl.


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