Which States Show the Most Interest in E-Bikes?


By Charles Pekow — Which states show the most interest in e-bikes? Icebike.org, which rates bicycles, checked Google Trends to see how many people searched the web for “electric bike” in 2021. Based on that one criterion, the West is most interested. The states with the highest percentage of the populace doing the search for that term were, in order: Hawaii, California, Utah, Idaho, Vermont, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska (https://www.icebike.org/electric-bike-study/).

Alya Hopkins is an owner of Salt Lake eBikes. Photo courtesy Salt Lake eBikes

On the federal level, the motor hasn’t been plugged in yet. Last year, legislation to provide a tax credit for buying an e-bike did not get out of committee in either House of Congress. “The E-BIKE Act will be reintroduced this Congress, and the strategy is very much in the works! Ideally, it will be bipartisan this time around, which makes the chances of success in a divided Congress more likely. Nothing is easily done in a divided Congress, but the growing popularity of e-bikes will definitely help,” Noa Banayan, director of federal affairs for People for Bikes, wrote in an email.


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  1. Tax rebates for e-bikes? Absurd! It’s just like tax rebates for electric cars! Taxpayers who can’t afford it end up helping those who can afford it. Just pedal! I see mostly young people riding ebikes.


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