Four Peaks Gran Fondo Returns to SE Idaho August 14, 2021


The 4 Peaks Gran Fondo is in its seventh year. The ride will be held in Pocatello, Idaho on August 14, 2021. The ride gets its name from the four summits it traverses over the 70-mile-long course with 7K feet of elevation gain.

We asked organizer David George of 4 Peaks Gran Fondo about the ride.

Cycling West: The ride is in its seventh year, how is it going? What’s new for 2021?

4 Peaks Gran Fondo: Our Gran Fondo is going well. We made it through the Covid year and had a solid turnout. Our registrations are up and people are excited about our ride.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

CW: Tell us about the courses. What are the different course options? What are the highlights of each?

4PGF: The course is a 70-mile course riding the peaks around Pocatello. You gain about 7k vertical feet. You can ride all four yourself, do a relay, or a single peak. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to have a fun time. Highlights are great riders on a beautiful course with minimal traffic. Each peak has challenging parts to it. It ranges from winding switchbacks to so tough vertical. Pebble will challenge you from the start, but the sense of accomplishment with each peak is awesome.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

CW: What is the natural history of the area. What are the sights that people will see along the way?

4PGF: Each peak offers the opportunity to see wildlife. Deer, wild turkeys, and moose are common. Lots of trees and beautiful scenery are park of the ride. These picks will give you a great appreciation of what Pocatello has to offer.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

Cycling West: Where can people stay? Is there camping nearby? Are there family activities in the area?

4PGF: There are many hotels in Pocatello as well as KOA type campgrounds, with VRBO and AirBnB as well. Scout Mountain has a forest service-maintained campground. There are ample options for lodging. Each are not more than 15-20 minutes from the start in Inkom. Lava Hot Springs is close by, and Pocatello has serval options for family entertainment.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

CW: Tell us about the timed sections of the ride.

4PGF: The timed sections of the ride are on the uphill climbs only. We want to encourage safe descending. Also, the riding time between peaks is also not timed. This ride is to challenge you on the ride up. So, enjoy a recovery spin between each peak.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

CW: Tell us more about the climbs. How hard are they? What gearing might riders need?

4PGF: The climbs vary. Crystal, Scout, and Buckskin are nice climbs with their own challenges (Category 3-4), but you will just find that gear that works for you and crank away. I think Pebble would be a Category 1 climb. She will test you, but the sense of accomplishment when you hit the top is awesome. As far as gearing goes, you won’t need anything special for the climbs, just some determination.

CW: The event is a fundraiser. Can you tell us more about the beneficiary?

4PGF: The ride is not a fundraiser for any one particular charity, but rather the funds get used to help various causes each year. The 4 Peaks Gran Fondo committee has donated to the Idaho Cycling League, Pocatello Pioneers Mountain Bike Team many times.

Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo
F Photo courtesy 4 Peaks Gran Fondo

CW: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

4PGF: This is an amazing ride. Pocatello has as good of riding as anywhere you will find. Low traffic, great scenery, and various options depending on riding ability. Come see what you are missing. You won’t be disappointed and will be back!

Event Details: Register at

August 14 — Four Peaks Gran Fondo, Pocatello, ID, One Day: 82 miles, Four Peaks: 7800ft total elevation gain. Climb the 4 peaks of the Portneuf Valley; Crystal, Scout Mountain, Pebble Creek, Buckskin. Each of the climbs will be timed with chips. Downhill and flat sections are not timed. Cumulative climb times will be totaled to determine rider rankings. Ride 1-4 peaks as you wish, DanielleBagley, 208-339-2043, 208-232-8996, [email protected], David George, 208-317-2225, [email protected],

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