You’ve Had a Concussion, Now What?


By Wayne Hansen

Concussions are all too common in many sports. Unfortunately most don’t know what to do after one is suspected. Here are some simple steps to follow called the Graduated Return To Play Protocol. 1. No activity. 2. Light aerobic exercise, consisting of walking, stationary cycling or swimming. No resistance training. 3. Sport-specific exercise, no head impact activities. 4. Non-contact training drills, progression to more complex training drills. May start progressive resistance training. 5. Following medical clearance participate in normal training activities. 6. Return to play. Athletes can progress to the next step once able to complete level without elevated symptoms. Each step should take 24 hours, to complete all steps it should take a week if no complications arise. If post concussive symptoms arise during progression drop back to previous asymptomatic level and attempt to progress after 24 hour rest period. It is important to seek medical attention if there are any presentation of new symptoms or complaints, prolonged post concussive symptoms which limits progression through stages, or if the athlete or family is reporting change in other activities, school performance, interests or behaviors.

-This article is not medical advice and does not take the place of seeking medical attention after a suspected concussion or symptoms.


Wayne Hansen, D.C. is a Chiropractic Physician practicing at Solutions Clinic in Cottonwood Heights. He specializes in treatment of athletes, particularly cyclists. [email protected]

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