Mercury Wheels Relocates to Utah


By Dave Iltis – Mercury Wheels, a manufacturer of road bike wheels, recently relocated from Misssissippi to Ogden, Utah. We asked owner Chris Mogridge a few questions about the company.

Mercury Wheels sponsored rider Breanne Nalder off the front in the Tour of Utah
Mercury Wheels sponsored rider Breanne Nalder off the front in the Tour of Utah Women’s Edition. She is riding Mercury M3 wheels. Photo by Catherine Fegan-Kim,

Name of Company: Mercury Wheels
City, State: Ogden, Utah

When and where was the company founded? Who founded it?:

Mercury Wheels was founded in 2008 in Mississippi by Chris and Karen Mogridge.

Brief Description of your company:

Mercury is a high-end wheel company founded on the principles of providing the absolute lightest, most aerodynamic wheels to amateur and professional riders. We’re happy to be able to support several pro teams including Team SmartStop and the US National Road Race Champion, Eric Marcotte.

What types of wheels do you build?

We are primarily a road wheel company, but we also have new ventures into mountain and cross.

What’s the best thing about your wheels and/or company?:

From the first day we were in business, we made it a priority to build as much of our wheels in the U.S. as possible. Currently, we have all our wheels hand built in the US. In the next year, we are looking to bring our rim manufacturing to Utah with a new type of rim technology. We are planning on releasing a complete line of wheels: road, tri, mountain and cross.

Why did you choose to move or stay in Utah?:

  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Skilled Labor Force
    • Engineers
    • Manufacturing
    • Bicycle Industry
  • Opportunity
    • Networking
  • Projects w/ other companies
  • Establish a real relationship, not one over emails or at tradeshows
    • Proximity to other bicycle companies – Business District in Ogden
    • Cost of living
  • Commercial Space
  • Residential
    • State/City of Ogden – Organized to bring outdoor companies to Utah/Ogden
    • Brad Petersen
    • Mayor Caldwell
    • Steve Fishburn
  • Quality of Life
    • Access to Outdoor Sports/recreation
    • Skiing
    • MTB trails
    • Road Riding
    • Hiking

Where can someone buy your wheels?:

We have over 40 authorized Mercury Dealers in the US (, have your local bike shop contact us or if there isn’t a shop in your area, then you can simply order straight through our website.


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