Razik Bicycles Starts Production in Springville, Utah

Razik Bicycles is manufacturing carbon fiber bikes in Utah using the
Razik Bicycles is manufacturing carbon fiber bikes in Utah using the IsoTruss technology. Photo: Courtesy Razik Bicycles.

By Dave Iltis

Utah has another new bike company! Razik Bicycles will be manufacturing carbon fiber bikes in Springville, Utah. They join Scott Sports, Volagi, and Greenstar Bikes (see the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Cycling Utah) as new bike companies in Utah over the last year.

Name of Company

Razik Bicycles

Springville Utah


When and where was the company founded? Who founded it?

The company was founded by Ed Christensen. Ed purchased the patents for the IsoTruss technology from BYU after a previous bike company lost them. Razik was launched by assembling a team of bike designers and business leaders to bring the best possible bicycle to market. After more than 18 months in development, the bikes are dialed in and ready for purchase.

Brief Description of your company

Razik is a builder of handmade bicycles using unique IsoTruss technology and carbon fiber. It is rare to find a carbon frame made in the US let alone made here in Utah. We don’t just build them we ride and race them as often as possible. We are cyclists who love to ride what we build.

What types of bikes do you build (road, mtn, and others, materials, etc)?

Our first product is our road machine with framesets and complete bikes shipping now. In June we anticipate the release of an innovative hard-tail mountain bike. This will be followed shortly after by our one-of-a-kind full suspension mountain bike in July. We have plans to take our leading edge technology to cross and fat bikes in the near future as well.

What’s the best thing about your bikes and/or company?

We love and ride what we build. The world is full of very similar looking carbon frames with very similar ride characteristics. We feel that our designs are a departure from the norm with a completely unique look and ride quality that is tuned to be stiff yet amazing at dissipating road vibration and chatter. The icing on the cake is the fact that they are hand built in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty with pricing right in-line with what you would expect to pay for the equivalent build from one of the global bike brands.

Why did you choose to move or stay in Utah?

We love the diversity of terrain in Utah for both road and mountain bike riding. The cycling community in Utah is vibrant, competitive and growing. We also find the local ridership to be well educated and really know their stuff in terms of what are and are not quality products.

Where can someone buy your bikes?

While we are refining our distribution model pricing and ordering information can be obtained via our website: www.razik.com . We welcome visitors to our Springville, Utah facility and can also arrange for personalized test rides including delivery and pickup through our local brand ambassadors. For more information we can be reached at 507-400-BIKE or by emailing [email protected]

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