Snēk Cycling – A New Accessory Company


Snēk is a new bike accessory company based in Salt Lake City. Founded by longtime Utah cyclist Johnny Hintze, Snēk (pronounced sneak) are making merino wool winter hats, and two cool new cycling wallets in Ogden and Salt Lake City.

The first of these is a waterproof wallet big enough for your phone, and for cash and cards. The second is just for cash and cards. Both are designed to keep your valuables dry and safe when riding – they are perfect for putting in a jersey pocket.

Snēk’s new cycling wallet is waterproof. Photo courtesy Snēk Cycling

Coming in the future will be a seatbag with a twist. Details aren’t available currently, but look for it in the future.

Johnny has this to say about his company, “Snēk products are products that I want as a cyclist. That’s how this all began. Kind of selfish I guess…”

Johnny had this to say about Snēk’s philosophy, “Snēk Cycling – A brand based upon stylish, simple, and authentic cycling goods. Products born from ideas conjured up during actual rides. Rides as short as the commute to work, and as long as the weekend getaway. Never over thought, but stringent on detail. Brought together by years of cycling experience with a tenacious drive to hand-pick, high-quality materials. Slick and neat – Snēk.”

For the future, their plan is “to keep growing the business. I’ve got ideas for many new products. I’m a cyclist so there are constantly things I think of improving while out on the bike. I mostly just want to make the product for myself. It’s an added bonus that I’m able to sell my products to other cyclists who have the same appreciation for the sport and attention to detail.”

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