I-Street Jumps to Become Official Bike Park


By Bruce Ewert — The 2013-14 Salt Lake City, Utah budget includes almost $60,000 to make the popular, user-built “I-Street Jumps” area an officially sanctioned terrain park. The city plans to install 4100 feet of fencing, picnic tables, trash bins, and a shaded pavilion area. This will make the jumping area an official part of Salt Lake City’s sustainability project going forward, removing the danger of the jumps being declared off-limits by the city. Part of the park is in an area the city plans to build another water storage structure on, which has always been an issue going forward. Citizens have been consistently in favor of making the area official, both in online forums and in local residents meetings.

The city has inserted the line item into the budget, a relatively small item that will yield huge benefits. According to Toni Walbridge of WAFTA , they are “super excited” about the area becoming an officially recognized and will remain involved with development and related fundraising to keep the park evolving into a an ever more popular skills-based facility. The area has been worked on by local riders for years, becoming one of the most popular terrain parks in Utah. Having it officially sanctioned is a major feat for the local riders who have been involved with pushing the plans forward.


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