Anders and Lindine Win Soldier Hollow I-Cup: Report, Results, Photo Gallery

Rachel Anders on her way to winning the Pro-Women's Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;
Rachel Anders on her way to winning the Pro-Women’s Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;

By Justin Lindine and Nate Gibby

Heber, Utah—The third round of the Intermountain Cup X-Country race series took place on May 7, 2016 at Soldier Hollow in Heber, UT. Rachel Anders of the Summit/ Competitive Cyclist team took the win in the elite women’s race, while Justin Lindine racing for Hyperthreads/Apex Technology, took the win in the elite men’s division.

Soldier Hollow was home to the 2002 Olympic Cross Country Ski competitions and now offers up some excellent singletrack for summer mountain biking. This year’s I-Cup course featured a 6.5-mile lap for most categories, with a mix of short-steep climbs, longer gradual double-track climbing and fast sweeping descents. With rain the night before race-day followed by strong winds, the normally smooth and fast trails were in perfect condition for blistering fast lap times.

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Two hundred and thirty-one racers, including the largest group of high school and junior high school racers in I-Cup history, toed the start line on Saturday as intermittent dark clouds loomed ominously over the mountains in the distance, and all fingers were crossed that the forecasted rain would hold off. As the 12:15 start time neared for the elite men’s and women’s fields, as well as many of the expert and sport categories, the sun actually made its most prominent appearance of the day and temperatures quickly felt almost summer-time warm. However, as the racing heated up, the weather created action of its own as the temperature once again dropped and strong winds forced those in the venue area to lower or secure pop-up tents and race fencing to avoid them being blown over.

In the elite women’s race, a lead group quickly formed on the decisive opening climbs of the course. Consisting of Nicole Tittensor, Axtell, UT (Jans Park City/Scott

Justin Lindine on his way to winning the Pro-Men's Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;
Justin Lindine on his way to winning the Pro-Men’s Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;

Bikes/Reynolds Cycling), who took the hole-shot and lead most of the first lap followed closely by Sarah Kaufmann, Sandy, UT (Stan’s No Tubes). The duo powered away, but were joined shortly by 18-year-old Rachel Anders, Sandy, UT, setting up a battle for the podium positions. In the final of three laps, Tittensor and Anders were able to get a gap over Kaufmann on the early doubletrack climb. “I kept hoping they would come back to me, but they charged it,” Kaufmann said. Later in the lap, Anders put in yet another strong climbing surge and gained a small advantage over Tittensor. From there on out Anders strived to maintain the gap. “I just tried to hold the gap down the descent,” she said. Riding a smooth final descent, she was able to do just that coming across the line 25 seconds ahead of the chasing Tittensor. Kaufmann came home in third 1:50 back. Competitors were quick to compliment the performance of the young Anders as well as the overall level of competition. “It was super fun, dynamic racing and cool to see such a talented junior coming into her own,” Kaufmann said. Tittensor echoed Kaufmann’s sentiment saying, “She [Anders] played a great chess match…every girl out there was stronger than ever, I’m glad we have each other to race with.”

In the elite men’s race, Justin Lindine, Ogden, UT surged early in the opening of four laps creating a small gap on a chasing group behind that would eventually whittle itself down to just two

Sarah Kaufmann shows her skill as she makes her way to 3rd place in the Pro-Women's Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;
Sarah Kaufmann shows her skill as she makes her way to 3rd place in the Pro-Women’s Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;

members — Drew Free, Draper, UT (Kuhl/Pivot Cycles), and Anders Johnson, Huntsville, UT (Whole Athlete). Lindine was able to gradually extend his lead over the course of the race. “I gained time a bit each lap, mostly on the descent I think,” Lindine said. Ultimately he crossed the line with a 2:13 lead over Johnson, who after a race-long battle with Free managed to use a similar formula to Anders in the women’s race by getting a small gap towards the top of the course, and holding it on the descent.

The grey skies continued to loom as the backdrop for the podium presentations, but as things wrapped up at the base area of Soldier Hollow, the inclement weather held off enabling everyone who made the trip out to the beautiful Heber Valley to enjoy near-perfect mountain biking weather and another great day of racing compliments of the I-Cup series.

The I-Cup will make its next scheduled stop in Draper, UT, for the Stan Crane Memorial XC Race on May 30th, 2016.

Soldier Hollow I-Cup May 7, 2016 Results

Division: Varsity Boys    
128:14.1670Cameron Larson, Pleasant Grove, UT16
238:02.7642Dylan Fairchild, SLC, UT14
340:33.3677Tyler Doman, Draper, UT17
441:57.2659Jake Lamping, Draper, UT18
541:59.2667Josh Matheson, Pleasant Grove, UT16
643:22.7635Spencer Davies, Providence, UT16
743:39.7693Jacob Draper, Salt Lake City, UT17
844:34.2623Samuel Lott, Bluffdale, UT16
944:46.8683Ryder Pace, Cedar Hills, UT0
1044:50.1658AJ Heaton, Bountiful, UT17
1148:00.1668Cade Matheson, Lindon, UT16
1248:56.2638Dallin Williams, Draper, UT17
1350:03.5621Brock Nielsen, Pleasant View, UT17
1454:48.8633Larsen Williams, Riverton, UT16
15 614Matthew Henderson, Draper, UT15
16 622Kieran Ahern, Park City, UT17
17 636Matt DeBerard, North Logan, UT16
18 685Wyatt Theurer, Providence, UT16
19 657Angelo Flores, Riverdale, UT18
Division: Varsity Girls    
115:23.2675Anika Heilweil, Salt Lake City, UT17
218:23.8619Shannon Smith, Lindon, UT18
320:19.8661Kira Crowell, Riverton, UT17
421:49.6632Megan Kitchens, SLC, UT15
524:52.8652Juliann Mecham, Orem, UT17
627:49.7631Anna Guthrie, Provo, UT18
729:54.2469Victoria Vance, Draper, UT17
847:43.0650Abrielle Fulwider, South Jordan, UT16
Division: High School JV Boys    
107:26.6522Conner Lacey, Sandy, UT15
208:41.7451Tristan Harris, Liberty, UT17
308:46.3586Ian Abbott, Draper, UT13
409:29.3644Wyatt Maxwell, South Jordan, UT16
509:40.2678Todd Kingsolver, Orem, UT17
609:42.1528Andrew Conover0
711:50.1697Easton Nye, , UT17
812:56.7552Bridger Wilson, Orem, UT0
913:34.2620Ty Nielson, Pleasant View, UT16
1013:53.2512Austin Ivie, Fruit Heights, UT15
1114:02.2672Christian Haight, Midway, UT16
1214:31.6648Britton Parkinson, Providence, UT14
1316:29.6556TJ Loos, Plain City, UT14
1416:52.2682Chase Luettinger, Park City, UT15
1517:22.0610Alex Altherr, Park City, UT16
1617:31.2558Lance Heaton, Bountiful, UT15
1717:33.5679Logan Wilson, Pleasant Grove, UT16
1818:15.2691Adam Seegmiller, St. George, UT15
1918:24.7609Christopher Fang, Orem, UT15
2019:21.0647Mason Parkinson, Providence, UT14
2119:54.7526Joshua Smith, Ogden, UT17
2221:42.7629Ethan Kendrick, Eden, UT16
2321:47.7551Lucas Silva, Spanish Fork, UT16
2421:50.8653David Nielsen, SLC, UT17
2523:41.8646Everett Peterson, Hyde Park, UT14
2625:07.1624Caleb Baker, American Fork, UT15
2726:26.3557Taylor Hill, Plain City, UT13
2827:09.7692Kaison Achter, Plain City, UT14
2942:51.3637James Mott, Ogden, UT15
3046:16.2513Jordan Ivie, Fruit Heights, UT15
3150:58.8537Carson Jones, Lehi, UT17
Division:High School JV Girls    
124:11.2634Katelyn Williams, Riverton, UT13
235:44.7532Taylor Perry, Draper, UT14
349:43.5664Hadley Peay, Alpine, UT15
449:55.8553Maggie Ressa, Syracuse, UT14
553:52.0673Mary Barker, Salt Lake City, UT16
Division: Junior High Boys    
136:52.8515Martin Anders, Sandy, UT13
237:35.8566Jack Youngblood, Drive, UT14
339:49.5536Henry Larson, Sandy, UT14
440:02.3574Brinsen Rackham, Pleasant View, UT13
540:03.5541Cade Galbraith, Morgan, UT12
640:46.6511Mitt Niederhuaser, Mountain Green, UT12
741:44.6535Logan Whitemyer0
843:54.6570Connor Nelson, Elk Ridge, UT13
944:43.6524Jake Nielson, Pleasant View, UT14
1044:46.3560Zach Bradford, Salt Lake City, UT13
1145:35.8502Ethan Hadley, SLC, UT11
1246:17.5539Luke Mueller, Mountain Green, UT12
1346:23.3510Porter Wilkins, Mountain Green, UT12
1449:29.6568Parker Petersen, Paradise, UT0
1549:33.8563Ethan Doman, Draper, UT11
1650:57.3544Dane Miller, Salt Lake City, UT12
1750:58.3545Danny Garringer, Park City, UT12
1801:06.8523Jacob Vallejo, Alpine, UT13
19 680Matthew Hughes, Ogden, UT14
20 546Samuel Willden, Kaysville, UT14
21 660Jayden Rasmussen, Highland, UT14
Division: Girls    
144:14.3531Skyler Perry, Draper, UT12
247:01.1525Siri Ahern, Park City, UT14
3 616Brittany Lewis, Lehi, UT35
Division: Novice Men    
116:02.1643Grant Herdrich, Park City, UT31
216:07.8542Stencil Crumbell, SLC, UT38
317:20.5696David Richards, North Salt Lake, UT40
421:07.2615Michael Waite, Lehi, UT15
536:28.1686Todd Theurer, Providence, UT47
639:32.8509Yi Fang, Orem, UT43
739:45.1564Kyle Berryman, St. George, UT32
840:44.0630Porter Reeder, Pleasant View, UT14
955:05.2663Russ Banks, , UT54
Division: Novice Women    
107:06.3662Gayle Carter, Orem, UT52
Division: Shredder Boys 10-12    
114:16.5612Keaton Edwards, Sandy, UT11
216:22.4684Porter Theurer, Providence, UT10
320:10.6641Luke Willden, Kaysville, UT10
422:52.1690Ryan Seegmiller, St. George, UT9
529:37.5694Owen Nelson, Elk Ridge, UT10
Division: Shredder Girls 10-12    
115:10.2689Maggie Youngsblood, Providence, UT12
217:16.5649Liliane Fulwider, South Jordan, UT12
317:24.5639Audrey Garringer, Park City, UT10
Division: Lil Shredders 9 & Under    
102:49.1611Major Niederhuaser, Mountain Green, UT9
203:06.8538Max Mueller, Mountain Green, UT9
303:13.6671David James Wood, SLC, UT9
403:19.5628Katie Kendrick, Eden, UT9
503:27.6674Grady Ritter, Cottonwood Heights, UT8
603:33.1530Myles Perry, Draper, UT7
703:43.1655Daniel Nielsen, SLC, UT9
803:57.8695Audrey Nelson, Elk Ridge, UT9
905:16.8688Milo Youngsblood, Providence, UT6
1005:21.0618Chase Noble, Sandy, UT4
1107:59.3617Abigail Luptak, Salt Lake City, UT5
1215:28.0543Ian Miller, Salt Lake City, UT9
Division: Elite Men    
155:16.8194Justin Lindine, North Ogden, UT32
257:29.5474Anders Johnson, Huntsville, UT18
357:47.7186Drew Free, Draper, UT36
4 185Bryson Perry, Draper, UT37
501:06.3177Jeff Bender, Salt Lake City, UT26
601:34.7468Rylan Schadegg, Logan, UT18
7 178John Osguthorpe, Sandy, UT38
8 176Adam Brown, Orem, UT19
9 478Kevin Day, Farmington, UT0
10 181Justin Desilets, Riverton, UT36
11 187Brad Huber, North Logan, UT18
12 174Aaron Campbell, Farmington, UT40
13 179Roger Arnell, Pleasant Grove, UT30
14 189Brandon Firth, Midway, UT46
15 188Charles Jenkins, Logan, UT41
16 190Joe Draper, Salt Lake City, UT17
17 460Caleb Norman19
18 196Shannon Boffeli, Park City, UT0
19 173Jeff Heal, Lehi, UT34
20 471Thomas Fendler, Hideout, UT16
21 613Dylan Willick, Salt Lake City, UT15
22 161Bryce Young, Ogden, UT30
23 473Sam Young, Ketchum, ID39
Division: Expert Men 19-29    
135:11.7470Drew Palmer-Leger, Park City, UT16
238:45.0484Kodey Myers, Logan, UT25
344:26.6483Kevin Tomas, SLC, UT21
448:25.7481Todd Davidson, Park City, UT29
549:02.6665Max McClony, , UT27
Division: Expert Men 30-39    
141:17.8606Dallin Hatch, Riverton, UT30
243:52.2450Josh Carter, South Weber, UT33
344:09.7490Tom Gosselin, SLC, UT31
446:17.1454Jeff Wils, North Salt Lake, UT39
551:46.0479Mitchell Young, Syracuse, UT36
655:58.7480Eric Noble, Sandy, UT33
703:09.6687Drew DeMarco, Midvale, UT35
805:20.1485Mike Sutton, Sandy, UT38
Division: Elite Women    
142:16.7477Rachel Anders, Sandy, UT18
242:41.8183Nicole Tittensor, Axtell, UT30
344:32.0184Sarah Kaufmann, Park City, UT35
446:41.7132Jen Hanks, Park City, UT40
548:32.2180Meghan Sheridan, Salt Lake City, UT36
653:54.0182Erica Tingey, Kamas, UT39
Division: Expert Men 40-49    
133:12.6464Aaron Phillips, Salt Lake City, UT42
233:37.8411Richard Abbott, Draper, UT44
337:19.6605Christian Faatz, Heber City, UT41
439:29.8193John Gill, Pleasant View, UT43
541:15.7499Bob Saffell, Salt Lake City, UT47
641:21.3457Eric Dupuis, Layton, UT44
741:57.7492Jason Hendrickson42
842:12.6462Seth Bradley, Sandy, UT41
942:20.7476Trent Wignall49
1043:12.7547Jared Willden, Kaysville, UT45
1143:21.0461Eric Larson, Sandy, UT49
1243:23.2487Grant Crowell, Riverton, UT44
1343:47.6463Mark Esplin, Centerville, UT45
1444:16.7455Jody Harris, Pleasant View, UT46
1544:41.7472Nate Marine41
1645:07.7465Michael Gates, Centerville, UT40
1745:27.7482Steve White, Draper, UT40
1849:36.6489Brian Potempa, Heber City, UT41
1950:36.8486Trent Donat48
2053:23.7475Nick Markosian, SLC, UT42
21 448Matthew Nelson, Salt Lake City, UT42
Division: Expert Women    
116:08.6603Kelly Crawford, Ogden, UT54
222:00.0498Brindi Hansen41
Division: Expert Men 50+    
141:28.2409Gary Gardiner, Centerville, UT53
243:41.7402Reed Topham, Salt Lake City, UT49
346:49.0466Joseph Brubaker, Salt Lake City, UT58
452:09.2488David Wood, SLC, UT51
Division: Expert Men 60+    
113:51.1408John Lauck, Bountiful, UT60
219:46.5699Craig Williams, Park City, UT62
323:13.7604Rick Morris, Park City, UT61
427:31.7500Joe Benson, Murray, UT62
532:14.7608Donald Leach, Sandy, UT61
Division: Sport Men 19-29    
105:37.3534Brennon Peterson, Sandy, UT14
209:51.2459Tristan Planelles, Salt Lake City, UT15
314:04.5555Jake Meyer, American Fork, UT23
420:00.6571Chase Coleman, Park City, UT23
520:30.6569Ben Nielsen, , UT29
624:20.71035Taylor Dance, South Jordan, UT0
726:44.1554Zac Meyer, American Fork, UT17
Division: Sport Men 30-39    
116:13.8521Aaron Luptak, Salt Lake City, UT33
219:00.3601Scott Bankhead, Kaysville, UT35
322:43.6549Adam Cunningham, Farmington, UT32
425:42.8449Jeffrey Kluge, Park City, UT39
Division: Clydesdale (220+ lbs)    
133:27.21006Peter Krebs, Belgrade, MT46
242:31.51005Nathan Branch, Sandy, UT44
308:54.51003Dave Stevenson, Highland, UT40
Division: Sport Women    
128:19.3580Lyna Saffell, Salt Lake City, UT46
238:45.8602Kelly Scudder, Riverton, UT34
341:15.7676Danita Ritter, Cottonwood Heights, UT47
445:27.0516Kelly Baisley, Ogden, UT35
Division: Sport Men 40-49    
113:17.6565Jeff Burgner, Heber City, UT42
213:27.2540Jeremy Achter, Plain City, UT41
314:31.8447Jeremy Johnson, , UT43
414:47.2507Chris Delangis, Draper, UT46
515:49.8517Shane Jessen, Ogden, UT43
616:44.6506Scott Wolley, SLC, UT45
718:26.6559Steve Brain, Park City, UT46
820:06.2562Bruce Ritter, Cottonwood Heights, UT49
920:14.2505Daniel Bowen, Draper, UT42
1020:23.7548Matt Huff, Price, UT45
1122:09.3504Corey Spencer, West Haven, UT46
1224:34.8519Bogdan Balasa0
1328:51.1508Jonathan Harman, Kaysville, UT42
1433:18.7518Dee Smith, Ogden, UT47
Division: Sport Men 50+    
115:03.0458Dell Brown, Orem, UT52
216:09.1503Gregg Bromka, Salt Lake City, UT56
320:11.7520Riley Frazier, Highland, UT51
427:05.6456Gary Bender, Draper, UT62
530:02.7561Joe Barker, Salt Lake City, UT60
654:28.2527James Kisielewski, Green River, WY55
Drew Free and Anders Johnson battle it out at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;
Drew Free and Anders Johnson battle it out for 3rd and 2nd place in the Pro-Men’s Class at the Soldier Hollow Intermountain Cup race on May 7, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker;
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