Bike Racer Phil Gaimon: “Collapsed Lung, 11 Broken Bones, Dead Olympic Dream, and Fighting Health Insurance is the Worst Part”


February 25, 2020 — Bike racer and author Phil Gaimon suffered an awful bike crash during a track race in 2019. He broke 11 bones including his ribs on one side of his body and scapula. While the crash was shattered his Olympic dreams, the ensuing debacle with hospitals and health insurance is “the worst part.” The crash and surgeries left him $250,000 in debt despite having good health insurance, and backup cycling insurance. Gaimon is in the midst of the appeals process and decided to go public with his story in hopes of helping others.

In the Youtube video, Gaimon asks that donations be made to his favorite charity, rather than reverting to crowdfunding his medical bills (link below). Gaimon states:

I was brought to an ER unconscious and I still don’t know why that bill isn’t covered for $150,000. I think a lot about the moment where I went to a different hospital which seemed to be the only place they could fix my broken shoulderblade. I knew it would be out of network and expensive, but I’d been rolling around in unbearable pain and on heavy narcotics for three days, I was told that they would cover extenuating circumstances and that’s what extenuating feels like, but I was far from a sound mind, and now I owe another $100,000. Like someone being tortured, I would have said anything to stop the pain, and I knew there’d be a hassle later. Now I’m feeling better, but $250,000 in debt, and the months of fighting have gotten to me. I’m not sure how, but I hope this story helps someone.

At the very least it can help needy kids if you donate here:

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In a 2019 video, Gaimon speaks on how the crash happened:


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