Catching Up With Gear Rush, A Utah Consignment Store


By Lou Melini

Gear Rush Moves to Improve Your Consignment Sales Experience

Gear Rush’s new digs in Salt Lake City. Photo by Alex Grant, Gear Rush.

Gear Rush has been in the business of reselling used outdoor gear for 8 years. I have personally used Gear Rush to sell bikes and bike accessories, camping goods and a lot more over the past 5 years. Gear Rush has recently relocated their business. Below is an update from owner and professional rider, Alex Grant.

Cycling West: Alex, it has been several years since we last connected in Cycling West. Where are you now located?

Alex Grant: Lou, thanks again for the opportunity to connect with your readers here. We have moved to 53 West Truman Ave. in South Salt Lake. It is close to the State St. exit on I-80.

C.W.: I noted that you have a new appointment policy for dropping items off. What is the best way for someone to contact you?

A.G.: We are now taking drop offs by appointmet only to ensure that we have the proper time and attention to spend with each client. With the new appointment system we are able to give clients the best experience possible on drop off.

Please email us at [email protected] or call 385-202-7196 to make an appointment. We don’t have an app yet, and don’t check social media enough to have that become a reliable form of communication.

C.W.: Will customers be able to come to the store and buy directly from GearRush or are sales strictly on-line?

A.G: Customers can come buy items out of the store that are at a fixed price (Buy It Now) style listing on our eBay store page. Please see for a link to our eBay store. If an item is up as a fixed price we are always happy to sell it out of the shop. Please email or call us to set up a time to swing by if you are interested in a specific item. We are not set up for general browsing and shopping in store. We are also always happy to offer free local piC.W. on any items won at auction or purchased on eBay.

C.W.: Given your experience in the on-line consignment business what should prospective sellers of merchandise need to consider before dropping off a bike, a box of bike parts or cycling specific clothing?

A.G.: We are focused on high-end outdoor gear from sports like cycling, skiing, hiking, climbing, camping, etc. We try to stay focused in this area, if you have a question about what we may or may not take please get in touch with us.

C.W.: What other services besides on-line consignment sales for individuals does GearRush offer?

A.G.: In addition to consignment we have begun to help some companies and reps liquidate extra inventory and samples in the form of bulk buys. We are keeping this to a business service at this time with select rep samples and inventory from some cycling and outdoor brands. If you fall in that category and want to find out some more information, please contact us.

C.W.: Is there anything else you wish to have to tell the readers?

A.G.: Gear gets us stoked. We love gear because of what it lets us do. Our goal is to offer a service that allows fellow gear junkies the ability to sell their no longer needed gear and gets it in the hands of a new user. On the flip side we have a large inventory of unique and sometimes hard to find items that are just waiting for a new owner to take out in the hills. We look forward to working with you!

C.W.: Thanks Alex for the update. I will see you soon with some Campagnolo parts I recently stripped from one of my bikes.


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