Cyclist Killed in Salt Lake County


By Dave Iltis –

Cycling West - Cycling Utah Magazine logoA cyclist was killed in a crash in Millcreek on early Sunday morning on May 24, 2015. According to Detective Ken Hansen of the Salt Lake County Unified Police Department, Kevin Bushman, age 51, of Cottonwood Heights died after being struck from behind by a BMW on 3300 South and around 1600 East. Both the driver and the cyclist were traveling eastbound at around 1 am when the crash occurred.

The cyclist had lights on his bike, but they were not on after the crash. It’s not clear if they were on before the crash. He was not wearing a helmet, but it’s not clear whether or not this would have helped him. The vehicle was traveling at normal speeds and didn’t see the cyclist, and there was no indication that the driver was impaired. The section of the 3300 S is not well light, and has a slight incline which would indicate that the cyclist was probably not traveling very fast.

Detective Hansen said that Bushman, “rode his bike all the time. It was his main form of transportation. That’s what he did was to ride his bike.”


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