Mani and Driscoll Take Wins at 2015 Ogden CX – Report, Results, Video Interviews, Photo Gallery


Top Riders Race at New Ogden Cyclocross Park

September 21, 2015 – Caroline Mani and Jamey Driscoll topped the podium at the inaugural Ogden CX cyclocross race, held on September 20, 2015 in Ogden, Utah. The new event was promoted by TRP Brakes, and was held at the brand new Ogden Cyclocross Park.

The start of the men's elite race. At the Ogden CX Race, 9-20-2015. Photo by Dave Iltis
The start of the men’s elite race. At the Ogden CX Race, 9-20-2015. Photo by Dave Iltis

In the women’s race, Mani (Raleigh-Clement) went hard from the gun with only junior phenom Katie Clouse (Alpha Bicycle Co. – Vista Subaru) on her wheel. She left Clouse behind early in the first lap, and never looked back. Mani rode hard throughout the winding course to win with a time of 53:14.8 minutes. Clouse and Mindy McCutcheon (Canyon Bicycles – Shimano) battled it out for second and third. The duo rode together the entire race until the barriers on the final lap. Clouse put in a huge attack to gap McCutcheon. She held it to the line to take second over third place McCutcheon.

Interview with Caroline Mani: 

The course ran over the existing trails of the new park. Earlier in the week, volunteers and smoothed out some of the bumps with a motorcycle, and county jail workers cut the high grass back. The result was a solid, hard course at a venue that should prove to be a mainstay on the Utah cyclocross circuit for years to come. Built on an old landfill, there’s little chance of development pushing out recreational uses. The sandpit section proved to be selective point, with many riders forced to run downhill through the deep, dry sand. The new park is located at 2599 Ave A in Ogden, Utah.

In the men’s elite race, Driscoll and Raleigh-Clement teammate Kerry Werner opened up a gap early on in the 57:13.0 long race. The race was slated to be 60 minutes long, but because of the heat and course difficulty, the riders voted to make the race 50 minutes.

As the race progressed, Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar) gained on the duo. Driscoll made the choice to leave Warner behind to avoid being caught by Wells. Wells eventually caught and passed Werner, while Driscoll cruised to a dominating win.

Interview with Jamey Driscoll:

Photo Gallery by Dave Iltis (click on image for lightbox gallery display):


2015 Ogden CX Race Results:

Women’s Elite

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
15MANIcarolinecolorado springs CO53:15 
24CLOUSEKatiePark City UT54:431:27.9
31MCCUTCHEONMindySalt Lake City UT55:011:46.0
47WINBERRYlauraBend OR59:316:15.6
53WETZEL POLINLindsaySalt Lake City UT56:12s.t.
69GORRYDevonNorth Logan UT57:023:46.5
76FLISAliSalt Lake Coty UT55:54s.t.
88WADE-ALVAREZJennieMidwat UT58:034:48.2
DNF2DUKEnicoleboulder CO  

Men’s Elite

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
110DRISCOLLJameyPark City UT57:13.2 
214WELLSTroyDurango CO58:35.41:22.2
39WERNERKerryBirdsboro PA58:47.91:34.7
44BERDENBenBoulder CO59:36.52:23.3
56LINDINEJustinNorth Ogden UT59:57.52:44.3
68CAMERONMollyPortland OR1:01:06.23:53.0
77WODTLIBrennanBend OR1:01:16.84:03.6
82ROSSWillAnchorage AK1:01:41.54:28.3
912PAGEJonathanOgden UT1:01:41.6s.t.
1011WHITNEYJoshSalt Lake City UT1:02:04.54:51.3
115FLISMarkSalt Lake City UT1:03:06.45:53.2
1215SAGERJasonO-Town UT57:26.6s.t.
13922OLSENBryceO-Twon UT59:54.82:41.6
1413WYCOFFReedSalt Lake City UT1:02:36.45:23.2
150KNUTSONRichardSalt Lake City UT59:05.9s.t.
163LEEJonWoods Cross UT1:00:49.83:36.6
171SEIBELLucasSalt Lake City UT57:47.9s.t.


Women’s Open B Cat 2-3

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1654BARBERAmeliaSalt Lake City UT37:22 
2652DONAHUEJessieAnchorage AK37:4926.2
3656STULLAmberAnchorage AK38:2259.6
4653HOWATLauraSalt Lake City UT38:471:24.8
5651KNUTSONAlisonSalt Lake City UT39:031:40.8
6603TEUBNERKatieOgden UT40:503:27.1
7655REITTERAlisonOgden UT41:264:03.8
8650FITZGERALDLisaSalt Lake City UT38:10s.t.


Women’s Open A Cat 1

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
11MCCUTCHEONMindySalt Lake City UT36:12 


Singlespeed Open

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1501TURNERAustinOgden UT46:13 
2500HENDRICKSONJasonpark city UT46:4734.0
30KNUTSONRichardSalt Lake City UT48:272:13.8
4503JOHNSONChristianSalt Lake City UT48:512:38.2
5502OLLETTBenPark City UT51:505:36.4
6504MILLERRyanSalt Lake City UT52:416:28.0
7401RECHJohnSalt Lake City UT47:28s.t.


Men’s A

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1913DAYKevinFarmington UT43:11 
2923HEITHECKERTroyOgden UT43:186.6
3921PONTIUSBrentOgden UT44:481:37.4
4901TREPPJoergenSalt Lake City UT45:512:40.3
5916DEPPEBruceSLC UT47:093:57.7
61SEIBELLucasSalt Lake City UT48:285:17.0

Men Master A 55+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1912DAVISDarrellSalt Lake City UT43:22 
2905FLICKJeffSalt Lake City UT44:511:29.4

Men Master A 45+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1900HEINRICHChristophSalt Lake City UT44:57 
2919WEHNKennyDurango CO45:2124.7
3914COOKEThomasPark City UT45:4750.0
4908RAEMISCHMichaelNorth Salt Lake UT47:322:35.1
5911FULLERgaryslc UT48:423:45.9
6909SAFFELLBobSalt Lake City UT49:074:10.3
7915AUSTINAdamGlendale CA49:274:30.4
8910LASTAYOPaulSalt Lake City UT49:585:01.9
9917WOODDavidslc UT51:126:15.9
10920DONATTrentPark City UT43:44s.t.
11907SPARKSJasonBrigham City UT46:161:19.0
12818TAFTToddSalt Lake City UT47:462:49.4
13408DUNLEAVYShaneSandy UT48:203:23.3

Men Master A 35+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1902MATTHEWSTimPark City UT45:08 
20KNUTSONRichardSalt Lake City UT46:291:20.8
3903WHITEericogden UT47:232:14.5
4906HAROLDSENCodySalt Lake City UT47:302:21.6
5918BRADLEYSethSandy UT48:593:50.7
6904DEALYDeanSanta Cruz CA49:394:30.7


Master C Men 55+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1410WOODSpsouth weber UT37:37 
2411LEACHDonaldSandy UT43:255:47.8


Master C Men 45+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1206ARGYLEJonKaysville UT39:44 
2401RECHJohnSalt Lake City UT42:483:04.1


Master C 35+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1407BELLIVEAUJustin 34:54 
2405BRADLEYJasonSalt Lake City UT35:1823.7
3403DEYLEGregSalt Lake City UT35:2733.2
4402WATTSchrisarvada CO35:4045.5
5412NELSONMatthewSalt Lake City UT35:4550.5
6409THOMASJohnpark city UT36:231:28.8
7400LAROCHEScottKaysville UT37:102:16.2
8406WHITNEYAlex 38:053:10.9
9404MARTINTravisNorth Ogden UT38:173:22.9

Junior Women

RankBib Last NameFirst NameTeamFinish Time
1700STANISHKylieOgden UT 12:15.8


Junior Men

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGapTeam
1300HEINRICHLukeSalt Lake City UT24:14 FFKR – Contender Racing
2301STACKPeterSalt Lake City UT25:351:21.1Kuhl
3302VENZSageMorgan Ur25:391:24.7 

Women’s C Open Cat 3-4

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGapTeam
1602CRAMERLupineLogan UT30:46 Roosters Biker’s Edge
2651KNUTSONAlisonSalt Lake City UT30:482.7SaltAir Cross Fever
3600OLLETTMeganPark City UT35:444:58.5 
4603TEUBNERKatieOgden UT35:44s.t.TRP
5601WESTFALLHeidiSLC UT31:03s.t.SLC

Men’s C Cat 4-5

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGapTeam
2206ARGYLEJonKaysville UT46:401:08.5Roosters / Bikers Edge
3201DRAPEREricBeaver UT48:262:54.9Rapid Cycling Racing
4205KARRENJohnSalt lake city UT49:263:54.8Ski Utah/ Plan 7
5203COBOURNRyanDraper UT50:315:00.4Revolution
6207REUSSLeightonSalt Lake City UT51:015:30.0Bountiful Bicycle P/b Mountain
7202WEATHERFORDDereksalt lake city UT52:447:13.2 
8204SPENCERcoreyWEST HAVEN UT48:02s.t. 


Men’s Open B Cat 3

RankBibLast NameFirst NameCity, StateFinish TimeGapTeam
1824DORAISandrewsalt lake city UT46:29  
2804YARDLEYPrestonlehi UT47:1242.9Team Endurance 360
3832CLAYTONRyanCottonwood Heights UT48:201:51.4Los Playboys Internacionales
5834GARDINEREricSLC UT49:463:16.8 
6833OLSENJasonsalt lake UT49:523:22.8America First Credit Union Cycl
7819LAELAaronSalt lake city UT50:324:03.0Wild card cycling
8816BLACKWELLBrandonCenterville UT51:134:43.5Plan7
9810WILLIAMSKeltonAshton ID51:565:26.7Kelson Bikes
10823KERNMichaelSalt Lake City UT51:56s.t.Los Playboys Internacionales
11808KENNINGTONDaxtonKaysville UT52:175:47.9Kelson Bikes p/b DNA Cycling
12815THURGOODBradleyAmerican fork UT52:316:01.7P-town cross
13830DEMARCODrewMidvale UT52:396:09.5Canyon Bicycles Shimano
14409THOMASJohnpark city UT53:407:11.1FFKR Contender
15805BLANGOMatthewSalt Lake City UT41:59s.t.Salt Lake City
16814MIGOTSKYSeanSalt Lake City UT46:5323.5Salt Lake City
17820STOREYSpencerOgden UT47:1950.0Ogden
18807JORGENSONMattSalt Lake City UT47:441:15.1Salt Lake City
19835ODONNELLLiamMurray UT22:44s.t. 
20201DRAPEREricBeaver UT22:55-23:34.0 

Men’s B Masters 55+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1811WOOLSONLawrenceSandy UT46:58 
2831MORRISRickPark City UT51:344:36.2

Men’s B Masters 45+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1802CARAMADRERichardSalt Lake City UT50:34 
2408DUNLEAVYShaneSandy UT51:1238.5
3803HAMLINRobertLogan UT52:151:41.3
4806RAMIREZJuanRoy UT52:502:16.3
5828DESCHENESJamesSalt Lake City UT52:572:23.9
6818TAFTToddSalt Lake City UT45:55s.t.
7812O’NEALTreySalt Lake City UT45:56-4:37.4
8829LIZARAZOAlexNorth Ogden UT46:43-3:51.0
9836BARLOWDanCottonwood Heights UT54:153:41.2


Men’s B Masters 35+

RankBibLast NameFirst NameTeamFinish TimeGap
1809STULLJamesAnchorage AK47:18 
2826GORMANTroySalt Lake City UT50:132:55.4
3825STORIEGavinLayton UT51:173:59.2
4821JUIPJeffreySALT LAKE CITY UT51:474:29.6
5801WIGNALLJoeOgden UT51:564:38.6
6827ARNOTTKrisSalt Lake City UT52:225:03.9
7412NELSONMatthewSalt Lake City UT52:355:17.6
83LEEJonWoods Cross UT52:425:24.5
9822MOAKJonSLC UT47:38s.t.
10813MEIKLETimDraper UT49:202:02.0
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