Hanks and Grant Win 2016 Red Rock Rampage MTB Race – Report, Photos, Results


2017 Red Rock Rampage Results coming Soon!

In the mean-time, check out last year’s rampage.


The junior kids start at the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com
The junior kids start at the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com

First Intermountain Cup of 2016 Draws Over 300 Racers

March 23, 2016 –

On Saturday, March 5, 2016 the first round of the 2016 Intermountain Cup Race Series, The Red Rock Rampage, take took place in St. George UT under partly cloudy skies and dusty trail conditions.

In the men’s pro race, Utah powerhouse and Olympic Long Team pick Alex Grant (Cannondale 360 FLY p/b Sugoi) took the win over Justin Lindine (Hyperthreads) and Chris Holley.

In the women’s pro event, Jen Hanks (Pivot Cycles/DNA Cycling) topped the podium with youngster Rachel Anders in second and Meghan Sheridan in third.

Complete Photo Gallery by Selective Vision- Click here!

Cycling Utah caught up with Alex and Jen to ask them about their races and the upcoming season:

Olympic Long Team pick Alex Grant won the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com
Olympic Long Team pick Alex Grant won the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com

Alex Grant Interview:

Name, Age, Team/sponsors
Alex Grant, 35, Cannondale 360 FLY p/b Sugoi

Cycling Utah: How did your race develop?

Alex: On the start line the race organizers placed a $50 prime on the first lap, which changed a lot of race strategies on the fly. I had wanted to ride a good first lap, and this just gave the extra motivation. I made my way to the front pretty early and forced a separation that drew out Justin Lindine. He came around and set the pace once we were away, and I followed until the top of the last downhill. I wanted to get in to the singletrack first, and barely held the lead through the end of the lap to take the prime. From there we rode a little more conservative pace for the next two laps. On the last lap I managed to get away on the first climb and was happy to stay clear until the finish. Big props to Justin for a great race, he pushed me out there and we had a good pace going.

Cycling Utah: What did you think of the course? Can you describe the course?

Alex: The course is a mix of desert doubletrack, singletrack, and a little dirt road. The course has changed quite a bit over the years, and I noticed that side by side use on the trails has turned almost all the old singletrack trails in to doubletrack. The course is still super fun though, and while it has some extended pedaling sections it does have lots of short punchy rollers and climbs that favor the momentum game and using all aspects of the terrain to gain little bits of speed here and there. This race always puts the hurt on everyone’s back, and mine was no exception. It is always a bit tight at this race, being early season and somewhat rough and pedally.

Cycling Utah: What do you think of new ICup?

Alex: I thought it was great. Hats off to Brady with Bountiful and the whole crew who took it on. The turnout was awesome, the vibe was great, and everyone I talked to was stoked. Podiums and results were super fast and the whole experience was top notch. I wish my schedule allowed me to get to more ICUPS but I will make it to as many as I can.

Cycling Utah: What’s coming up on your race schedule?

Alex: I have the first round of the Pro XCT on March 12 in Bonelli Park, CA. Then I have some bigger XC’s down in Fontana, Bonelli, and Sea Otter ahead of the first World Cup in Cairns, Australia.

Cycling Utah: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Alex: Racing bikes is fun, it’s always great to get out and see the whole crew after the winter. The first ICUP of the year always seems like a social event as much as a race!


Jen Hanks at the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com
Jen Hanks won the Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup on March 5, 2016. Photo by Angie Harker. Find more photos at selective-vision.com

Jen Hanks Interview:

Name, Age, Team/sponsors

Jen Hanks, 40


Team: Pivot Cycles/DNA Cycling – sponsors: Pivot, DNA Cycling, MTBRaceNews.com, Stan’s NoTubes, Xpedo, CEP, Carborocket, Honeystinger, Continental tire, Go-Ride, Ergon, Bliz Eyewear

Cycling Utah: How did your race develop?

Jen: Meghan Sheridan, Rachel Anders, and I were glued to each other through the starting stretch and rollers. Once the real climbing began Rachel and I were able to pull away from Meghan. I was mentally preparing myself for an attack on Rachel toward the top of the first climb, however I was able to ride her off my wheel just enough to have a small gap before the first descent. I maintained my gap through the first lap and won the first lap $50 prime donated by DNACycling. Rachel remained in sight through the 2nd lap however I kept the pressure on and my gap grew to almost 4 minutes by the end of the 3-lap race.

Cycling Utah: What did you think of the course? Can you describe the course?

Jen: The Desert Rampage course is a 7-mile loop with about 800 feet of climbing divided between 2 climbs each lap. While it is not an overly technically challenging course, I enjoy it because it is a great test of early season fitness as the descents are fast with very little time to coast and the majority of the race is spent pedaling. The Green Valley venue is surrounded by breathtaking red cliffs and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of a rare desert tortoise or Gila Monster. Plus there is nothing better than an excuse to escape to the desert while Northern Utah is still recovering from winter!

Cycling Utah: What do you think of new ICup?

Jen: I thought the new ICup folks put on a fantastic event. They seemed very concerned with providing participants an enjoyable experience and were receptive to feedback. I appreciated the post-race food and timely awards ceremony. Additionally, the first lap prime was a novel and fun idea!


Cycling Utah: What’s coming up on your race schedule?

Jen: My main focus this year is marathon distance races. I’m racing True Grit 50 followed by the ICUP Thaw Massacre in Moab in April. Other early season races include Epic Ride’s Grand Junction Off Road and Carson City Off Road with ICUP XC races sprinkled in between. I’m still working on a late season race schedule, however I know that the Park City Point to Point will be a main event.


Cycling Utah: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jen: It is super fun see some of the junior girls racing and contending in the Pro category. And while we’re all business on the race course, I especially enjoyed racing with Rachel from Summit Bike Club as I have first hand seen her progress from an intermediate rider to a Pro level racer over the past few years. Go Rachel 🙂

The pro women's start at the 2016 Red Rock Rampage I-Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby
The pro women’s start at the 2016 Red Rock Rampage I-Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby

As Utah’s premiere cross-country and endurance mountain bike series, the Intermountain Cup, or I-Cup as it’s known, draws riders from all over the state as well as the surrounding Western region. The calendar of events begins with The Red Rock Rampage as the first round and runs monthly all the way through September with venues throughout the state. For 2016, the I-Cup series was purchased by Threshold Events who have expressed a desire to see this long-standing series not only continue, but also grow and evolve to be even more prominent.

Things seem to be off to a good start for the new management as this first race saw a significant jump in participation from 2015 with nearly 300 racers taking to the challenging seven-mile course. The Rampage utilizes the trail system at Green Valley to offer racers a classic desert mountain bike course. Featuring numerous rocky washes and technical trail sections in addition to some straight-forward doubletrack climbing, the race is a challenge from both an aerobic and bike handling standpoint. For these reasons, as well as the early season timing of this round of the series, the Rampage is considered by many to be the testing ground for their early season race form. It’s also often an excellent chance to escape the not so welcoming temps of other areas for the summer-like warmth of St. George. In that respect, the race certainly didn’t disappoint, as temperatures in the low-to-mid seventies offered up the perfect setting for some furious racing.

This year’s edition saw some especially loose and dusty course conditions, the result of St. George’s lack of recent precipitation in the weeks leading up to the event. This added an additional level of difficulty to the race with corners slicked with dust, and rocks working themselves loose with each passing lap. Riders didn’t seem to be phased by the conditions however, as early morning waves began at 9am and expert and elite categories started a little later in the day at 11am, most seemed to finish having enjoyed the course and the weather. It was especially exciting to everyone, promoters included, to see such large turnouts for some of the junior categories, with thirty-two racers taking part in the 13-15 year age bracket alone.

The pleasant weather and ample post-race snacks and drinks helped create a festive atmosphere around the finish line as riders and their families waited for awards, or to cheer on later category races. A few flat tires and other mechanical disappointments aside, it seemed clear that through the fatigue written on everyone’s dusty smiles that this had been a good first outing for the I-Cup series.

For full race results see below and for more information about the I-Cup Series, visit:



LIL SHREDDERS Age Group Results for Female LIL 2-9   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1639Holm Sadie00:06:33.0539FLIL Shredders
2726Sparks Sara00:06:40.6869FLIL Shredders
3604Fowles Meghan00:06:55.1748FLIL Shredders
4681Nelson Audrey00:06:59.0939FLIL Shredders
5648Jensen Berkley00:07:06.0568FLIL Shredders
6692Nunez Scarlett00:08:09.9748FLIL Shredders
7544Bell Maci00:24:08.8988FLIL Shredders
8818Hawley Kataya00:24:10.4286FLIL Shredders
LIL SHREDDERS Age Group Results for Male LIL 2-9   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1701Perry Myles00:05:35.3848MLIL Shredders
2632Heinrich Marc00:05:35.5517MLIL Shredders
3609Galbraith Cooper00:06:00.3959MLIL Shredders
4570Christensen Cash00:06:27.1937MLIL Shredders
5660Kirk Trevin00:06:37.4896MLIL Shredders
6586Douglass Carson00:07:15.1445MLIL Shredders
7654Johnson Collin00:07:38.6236MLIL Shredders
8640Holm Mckay00:09:51.0805MLIL Shredders
9585Douglass Colter00:09:52.2109MLIL Shredders
10603Fowles Randy00:10:12.4995MLIL Shredders
11610Galbraith Krew00:11:00.5769MLIL Shredders
12731Sullivan Kash00:11:03.0465MLIL Shredders
13755voth Graysen00:11:13.7878MLIL Shredders
14535Andrus Boston00:11:38.8764MLIL Shredders
15688Niederhuaser Major00:14:45.0009MLIL Shredders
SHREDDERS BOYS 10 12 Age Group Results for Male Shredders 10-12   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1633Heinrich Alex00:21:46.89310MShredders Boys 10 12
2682Nelson Owen00:24:40.91410MShredders Boys 10 12
3739Talbot Bailey00:26:43.16311MShredders Boys 10 12
4643Hunt Noah00:26:43.43412MShredders Boys 10 12
5650Jensen Boston00:27:15.41611MShredders Boys 10 12
6804Lehnhof Luke00:27:20.15811MShredders Boys 10 12
7611Galbraith Brax00:27:30.41711MShredders Boys 10 12
8733Sullivan Karsen00:29:00.89011MShredders Boys 10 12
9737syphus Cohen00:29:03.87610MShredders Boys 10 12
10817Hawley Jackson00:29:35.00010MShredders Boys 10 12
11762Weaver Jaxson00:32:17.31611MShredders Boys 10 12
12747Trapp Tyler00:32:37.94310MShredders Boys 10 12
13810Saxton Maximus00:36:17.68410MShredders Boys 10 12
SHREDDERS GIRLS 10 12 Age Group Results for Female Shredders 10-12   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1704Peterson Elly00:26:32.26611FShredders Girls 10 12
2587Douglass Brooke00:26:58.13112FShredders Girls 10 12
3662Knudsen Zoe00:31:00.64711FShredders Girls 10 12
4572Christensen Addison00:31:35.82512FShredders Girls 10 12
5793Sullivan Saige00:32:40.18612FShredders Girls 10 12
6782Albrecht Talia00:32:49.18911FShredders Girls 10 12
7655Johnson Audrey00:35:20.13310FShredders Girls 10 12
8738syphus Elyza00:38:24.01211FShredders Girls 10 12
JR FEMALE 13 15 Age Group Results for Female 13-15   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1702Perry Taylor00:38:29.79413FJR Female 13 15
2798Perry Skyler00:38:31.16713FJR Female 13 15
3647Jencks Grace00:38:44.33814FJR Female 13 15
4569Castro Anna00:41:03.30714FJR Female 13 15
5806Ressa Maggie00:53:28.89514FJR Female 13 15
JR MALE 13 15 Age Group Results for Male 13-15    
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1808Peterson Brennon00:31:46.00014MJR Male 13 15
2574Christensen Camden00:32:20.05014MJR Male 13 15
3576Christensen Parker00:33:01.17313MJR Male 13 15
4584Desmond Colton00:33:19.83414MJR Male 13 15
5591Draper Andrew00:33:40.54413MJR Male 13 15
6634Heinrich Luke00:33:58.52613MJR Male 13 15
7671Luettinger Chase00:36:00.65014MJR Male 13 15
8612Galbraith Cade00:36:27.77013MJR Male 13 15
9599ferrer Jarret00:36:45.49013MJR Male 13 15
10742Telford JT00:36:46.46414MJR Male 13 15
11799Rackham Brinsen00:37:27.54813MJR Male 13 15
12792Clymore Logan00:37:38.33914MJR Male 13 15
13689Niederhuaser Mitt00:38:13.93413MJR Male 13 15
14756voth Tallen00:39:43.24013MJR Male 13 15
15800Schenck Rexton00:40:55.59113MJR Male 13 15
16758Walton Luke00:40:57.28714MJR Male 13 15
17683Nelson Connor00:41:01.63513MJR Male 13 15
18791Bradshaw James00:42:17.46113MJR Male 13 15
19645Ivie Jordan00:43:53.79215MJR Male 13 15
20594Erekson Mitchell00:46:38.05814MJR Male 13 15
21554branch Tanner00:46:39.42013MJR Male 13 15
22619Gittins Koy00:50:21.19514MJR Male 13 15
23732Sullivan Kaden00:50:22.50114MJR Male 13 15
24588Douglass Cooper00:53:39.95314MJR Male 13 15
25527Abbott Ian00:55:02.07713MJR Male 13 15
26773Ence Laken00:55:29.05713MJR Male 13 15
27805Whitemyer Logan00:58:26.93813MJR Male 13 15
JR FEMALE 16 18 Age Group Results for Female16-18   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1623Guthrie Anna00:40:45.61318FJR Female 16 18
JR MALE 16 18 Age Group Results for Male16-18    
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1686Newby Carter00:31:52.50516MJR Male 16 18
2628Heaton Lance00:32:13.55016MJR Male 16 18
3667Lehnhof Steven00:33:30.85516MJR Male 16 18
4577Christensen Cole00:35:16.62217MJR Male 16 18
5624Haight Christian00:35:19.18416MJR Male 16 18
6675Millward Calton00:35:34.73816MJR Male 16 18
7695Olds Jaden00:39:16.00016MJR Male 16 18
8729Stokes Sandon00:41:20.08218MJR Male 16 18
9796Hillam Grant01:53:20.31217MJR Male 16 18
NOVICE FEMALE Age Group Results for Female 15-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1809Coccimiglio Abby00:36:46.56118FNovice Female
2657Johnson Angela00:43:23.12845FNovice Female
3602Forbush Rachel00:44:55.66322FNovice Female
4708Reynders Sally00:54:47.85544FNovice Female
5777Kurtz Michelle00:56:03.27338FNovice Female
6552Bradshaw Tara00:56:03.77042FNovice Female
7607Fowles Jamie00:56:24.24331FNovice Female
NOVICE MALE Age Group Results for Male 15-80    
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1741Taylor Josh00:36:07.78935MNovice Male
2547Berryman Kyle00:38:23.65831MNovice Male
3748Trapp Phil00:40:16.25247MNovice Male
4709Reynders Adam00:48:12.86156MNovice Male
5772Owen David00:59:40.67445MNovice Male
6641Howard Richard01:03:59.40665MNovice Male
ELITE MALE Age Group Results for Male 15-80    
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1621Grant Alex01:42:38.83635MElite Male
2670Lindine Justin01:43:33.33332MElite Male
3638Holley chris01:47:29.33440MElite Male
4566Calton Zach01:51:18.93118MElite Male
5546BENDER THOMAS01:52:18.27132MElite Male
6545BENDER JEFF01:52:57.77026MElite Male
7583Desilets Justin01:52:59.69436MElite Male
8802Day Kevin01:53:39.65935MElite Male
9699Parsons Forrest01:54:11.45628MElite Male
10736Sweetser Sam01:54:25.50831MElite Male
11567Campbell Aaron01:55:04.80739MElite Male
12618Gillespie Bart01:55:18.41642MElite Male
13752Turner Matthew Tyler01:56:35.37120MElite Male
14537Arnell Roger01:57:57.22830MElite Male
15703Perry Bryson01:58:45.85837MElite Male
16698Osguthorpe John01:59:40.38037MElite Male
17730sturm dan02:01:24.12528MElite Male
18627Heal JEFF02:03:10.23034MElite Male
19559Brown Adam02:03:51.69218MElite Male
20783Asay Jason02:04:38.17438MElite Male
21724Smith Brady02:05:24.39419MElite Male
ELITE FEMALE Age Group Results for Female 15-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1625Hanks Jen01:34:33.19640FElite Female
2532Anders Rachel01:38:02.39318FElite Female
3721Sheridan Meghan01:41:18.52436FElite Female
4637Holley KC01:41:20.39440FElite Female
5820Powers Erika01:47:23.48838FElite Female
EXPERT MALE 19 39 Age Group Results for Male 19-39   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1716Schadegg Rylan01:23:38.48519MExpert Male 19 39
2665Larson Cameron01:24:10.12919MExpert Male 19 39
3816Hawley Michael01:24:23.01333MExpert Male 19 39
4630Heger Jace01:25:15.60526MExpert Male 19 39
5685Nelson Kirk01:27:08.80136MExpert Male 19 39
6664Lamping Jake01:27:31.61019MExpert Male 19 39
7715Saxton Seth01:27:44.65819MExpert Male 19 39
8693Nunez Michael01:29:11.87335MExpert Male 19 39
9696Onarheim Josh01:29:21.69835MExpert Male 19 39
10642Huber Brad01:29:26.26819MExpert Male 19 39
11812Simonds Grant01:30:22.23019MExpert Male 19 39
12538Asper Garrison01:32:50.06719MExpert Male 19 39
13622Guizar Eudoro01:33:04.39428MExpert Male 19 39
14600ferrer Spencer01:33:25.76419MExpert Male 19 39
15680Myers Kodey01:33:55.87925MExpert Male 19 39
16678Mullins Tyler01:34:21.24719MExpert Male 19 39
17766Willick Dylan01:34:23.49719MExpert Male 19 39
18543Barrett Connor01:35:39.30119MExpert Male 19 39
19615Garrett Jake01:36:57.21332MExpert Male 19 39
20568Carroll Jake01:38:10.20135MExpert Male 19 39
21539avina lex01:38:20.68719MExpert Male 19 39
22813Fendler Tom01:39:46.69719MExpert Male 19 39
23691Norman Caleb01:39:56.04819MExpert Male 19 39
24690Nielsen Dustin01:40:27.22936MExpert Male 19 39
25580Cypers Manny01:41:27.14739MExpert Male 19 39
26768Wilson JEFF01:41:34.53338MExpert Male 19 39
27749Trapp Porter01:42:23.72119MExpert Male 19 39
28677Mott James01:46:00.48319MExpert Male 19 39
EXPERT MALE 40 49 Age Group Results for Male 40-49   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1635Heinrich Christoph01:25:52.81347MExpert Male 40 49
2636hileman mike01:26:28.50648MExpert Male 40 49
3597Faatz Christian01:27:21.28641MExpert Male 40 49
4826McGee Matt01:27:50.23643MExpert Male 40 49
5528Abbott Richard01:28:27.07744MExpert Male 40 49
6803Bergson Scott01:28:35.68142MExpert Male 40 49
7596esplin Mark01:30:28.37244MExpert Male 40 49
8823Pilling Brad01:31:41.06240MExpert Male 40 49
9780Saffeli Bob01:33:11.06147MExpert Male 40 49
10558Brasher Rob01:33:33.80246MExpert Male 40 49
11530Albrecht Colt01:33:41.90840MExpert Male 40 49
12779Hendrickson Jason01:38:35.04442MExpert Male 40 49
13652Jensen Justin01:39:43.18940MExpert Male 40 49
14663Knudsen Tyler01:43:22.79341MExpert Male 40 49
15598Fearick James01:49:02.42144MExpert Male 40 49
16717Schjeldahl Michael01:50:29.42443MExpert Male 40 49
EXPERT MALE 50 59 Age Group Results for Male 40-49   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1746Topham Reed01:34:39.06249MExpert Male 50 59
2601Fisher Mark01:38:49.39749MExpert Male 50 59
3807Ressa Brian01:53:48.72449MExpert Male 50 59
EXPERT MALE 50 59 Age Group Results for Male 50-59   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1750treasure zan01:28:52.24358MExpert Male 50 59
2659Kidd Craig01:29:08.21051MExpert Male 50 59
3614Gardiner Gary01:31:57.03753MExpert Male 50 59
4786Smith Dave01:32:20.05455MExpert Male 50 59
5561Brubaker Joseph01:37:01.09058MExpert Male 50 59
6769Winner Todd01:40:01.69450MExpert Male 50 59
7825Crandall David01:50:23.69356MExpert Male 50 59
EXPERT MALE 60 80 Age Group Results for Male 60-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1744Terry Craig01:05:10.89860MExpert Male 60 80
2666Lauck John01:06:04.35360MExpert Male 60 80
3765Williams Craig01:10:09.51161MExpert Male 60 80
4824Quinn Joel01:13:29.80473MExpert Male 60 80
5787Kosick Byron01:15:00.16660MExpert Male 60 80
6687Newson Dick01:17:28.78661MExpert Male 60 80
7811Benson Joe01:20:35.99061MExpert Male 60 80
8590Douglass Wayne01:24:30.12160MExpert Male 60 80
9754Tynan Denny01:26:33.01061MExpert Male 60 80
EXPERT FEMALE Age Group Results for Female 15-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1579Crawford Kelly01:06:51.52454FExpert Female
2706Peterson Jeanette01:07:36.06345FExpert Female
3722Shuman Ellise01:07:36.50215FExpert Female
4631Heilweil Anika01:08:12.42116FExpert Female
5735Sweetser Erin01:14:43.43530FExpert Female
6694Olds Trini01:15:37.36616FExpert Female
7712Robinson Jessica01:17:04.26125FExpert Female
8775Johnston Jenna01:38:17.42018FExpert Female
SPORT MALE 19 39 Age Group Results for Male 19-39   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1705Peterson Josh01:00:04.20819MSport Male 19 39
2592Draper Jacob01:01:25.00719MSport Male 19 39
3788Jordan Ryder01:01:31.95119MSport Male 19 39
4557Brasher Kade01:03:16.83019MSport Male 19 39
5719Seegmiller Adam01:05:13.79819MSport Male 19 39
6743Telford Tom01:05:35.08238MSport Male 19 39
7541Ball Greg01:06:10.41419MSport Male 19 39
8534Anderson Cameron01:07:30.86819MSport Male 19 39
9629Heaton AJ01:08:38.35219MSport Male 19 39
10794Nielson Ben01:09:42.41028MSport Male 19 39
11713Russell Carson01:09:58.15721MSport Male 19 39
12801Schenck Bart01:10:32.39938MSport Male 19 39
13606Fowles Jason01:10:39.03833MSport Male 19 39
14672Luptak Aaron01:11:07.93633MSport Male 19 39
15745Thomas Brian01:11:24.70938MSport Male 19 39
16646Ivie Austin00:01:08.16719MSport Male 19 39
17767Wilson Bridger01:12:09.93019MSport Male 19 39
18542Bankhead Scott01:13:42.48135MSport Male 19 39
19760Warner Steven01:13:49.81138MSport Male 19 39
20550Blanton Waid01:14:43.05933MSport Male 19 39
21697Oneill Ciaran01:15:25.39525MSport Male 19 39
22778Niederhauser Preston01:26:08.96237MSport Male 19 39
SPORT MALE 40 49 Age Group Results for Male 40-49   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1589Douglass chris01:03:16.42641MSport Male 40 49
2616Gates Michael01:04:33.60140MSport Male 40 49
3815Petersen Greg01:04:54.36144MSport Male 40 49
4656Johnson Jeremy01:06:07.20842MSport Male 40 49
5582DeLangis chris01:08:27.23845MSport Male 40 49
6562Bruin Rich01:09:01.78642MSport Male 40 49
7723Silverman Howard01:10:30.25446MSport Male 40 49
8763Weaver Steven01:11:51.03340MSport Male 40 49
9620GOULD LONNY01:12:06.35145MSport Male 40 49
10553Bradshaw Burke01:12:08.37543MSport Male 40 49
11540Balasa Bogdan01:12:29.64649MSport Male 40 49
12728spencer corey01:12:54.72546MSport Male 40 49
13581Davis Troy01:14:30.51044MSport Male 40 49
14668Lehnhof Lance01:16:20.88540MSport Male 40 49
15711Ritter Bruce01:16:25.75849MSport Male 40 49
16565Burrell Christian01:17:20.58440MSport Male 40 49
17819Pinkerton Darrin01:19:38.09741MSport Male 40 49
18700Payne Jared01:42:57.81044MSport Male 40 49
SPORT MALE 50 80 Age Group Results for Male 50-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1740Talbot Steve01:04:11.19750MSport Male 50 80
2822Blinder Bill01:05:44.00350MSport Male 50 80
3673Mendenhall Dave01:14:17.60961MSport Male 50 80
4770Zimmerman paul01:14:35.57957MSport Male 50 80
5531Ames Glenn01:17:58.31355MSport Male 50 80
6771Owen Jim01:21:14.53150MSport Male 50 80
7725Snyder Mark01:21:20.47152MSport Male 50 80
8734Sullivan Kendall01:26:20.97055MSport Male 50 80
9707Purdue Don01:29:34.12753MSport Male 50 80
10774Ence Tracy01:30:45.58950MSport Male 50 80
11661knight paul01:45:58.36362MSport Male 50 80
SPORT FEMALE Age Group Results for Female 15-80   
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1564Buchanan Kelsey01:10:59.10928FSport Female
2529Adam Debora01:16:12.49655FSport Female
3555branch Angie01:16:43.64341FSport Female
4563Brunnemann Stephanie01:17:13.44328FSport Female
5720Self Karen01:19:15.52335FSport Female
6785Jordan Lucy01:19:16.27346FSport Female
7658Kertesz Susan01:26:13.18454FSport Female
8551Bouwhuis Andee01:29:13.61740FSport Female
9710Ritter Danita01:34:47.88247FSport Female
10718Scudder Kelly01:36:39.40534FSport Female
CLYDESDALE Age Group Results for Male 15-80    
PositionBib #NameTimeAgeGenderDivision
1613Galbraith Bret01:18:27.16945MClydesdale
2790Twitchell John01:23:03.84548MClydesdale
3679Mullins Aaron01:26:13.74950MClydesdale
4578Christensen Shane01:26:59.79946MClydesdale
5595Erekson Erik01:33:23.32850MClydesdale
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