Lindine and Holley Win the 2018 Intermountain Cup Series


By Blaire Wachter and Nate Gibby

Salt Lake City — The 2018 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series finished the season at Powder Mountain on August 25, 2018 with Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads) and KC Holley (Kuhl Cycling) winning the men’s and women’s elite categories respectively. Andrew Draper (Maybird Reyes-Psych) placed first in varsity boys and Madeline Tanner (Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru) placed first in varsity girls overall.

Consisting of six uniquely challenging cross country races throughout southern and northern Utah, the Intermountain Cup features all types of riding from desert to mountain and fast and flowy courses to technical single track. Since races began in March, a close competition has been heating up between several frontrunners for the series titles. In the last race, Justin Lindine topped the Men’s Elite series podium in first place with Zach Calton (Spry Cycles/Legacy Properties West) and Rylan Schadegg (Pivot Competitive Cyclist) joining him in second and third respectively. In the Women’s Elite division, KC Holley came in first while Nicole Tittensor (Jan’s Park City/Scott Bikes/Reynolds Cycling) placed second and Erika Powers (Bingham Cyclery/Peak Fasteners) placed third.

KC Holley has competed in every Intermountain Cup race this year, and she emphasizes the importance of consistently giving your best shot. “I had some spectacular races where I did really well, and then I had some races where it was more about being tenacious than anything else,” she said, “you have to go at it and be willing to fight… you have some good days and some bad days.”

KC Holley won the overall in the Pro Women's category in the 2018 Intermountain Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby
KC Holley won the overall in the Pro Women’s category in the 2018 Intermountain Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby

Holley is a frequent racer in the Intermountain Cup series. “I love the competitiveness yet camaraderie of the Intermountain Cup Series and the diverse, beautiful and challenging courses. It provides a little if everything—rocky desert ledges to smooth mountain single track and all that is in between—to challenge the racers.”

Justin Lindine has been racing at the elite national level for over 12 years now spanning the disciplines of XC mountain biking, Cyclocross and Road. He regularly rides in the Intermountain Cup series, saying, “I think the I-Cup is a fantastic state-wide series, and it’s a great resource to have such good courses, excellent competition, and great organization putting on these events all over the state.  I think it’s an indispensable series, and I’m always glad when I can make it to any of the rounds.”

He credits his win to consistency, “I was able to keep myself in the top 5 at the races I did, and that wound up being key.” Regarding the other racers in the elite men category, Lindine said, “The competition level this year in the I-Cup was really high. With young-guns like Zach Calton, Anders, and Ryan out there plus the perennial threats it was harder than ever to land a podium at these races. It’s great to see the level so high, it really keeps you on your toes!”

Justine Lindine won the overall season points series in the Pro Men's category in the 2018 Intermountain Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby
Justine Lindine won the overall season points series in the Pro Men’s category in the 2018 Intermountain Cup. Photo by Nate Gibby

About the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

Founded in 1991, the Intermountain Cup consists of X-country and endurance MTB races throughout Utah. With six X-country races of approximately 25 miles and one endurance race of approximately 50 miles, the series covers some of the most pristine and difficult rides in the state. With categories for kids and youth to the highly competitive elite segments, Intermountain Cup offers a competitive MTB race for every level of rider.


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