Video: 2023 True Grit Epic MTB Race – The Big Story


The 2023 True Grit Epic was held in Santa Clara, Utah on March 18, 2023. This year’s race was the 13th Annual edition of one of the more demanding early season mountain bike races in the country.

Danny Van Wagoner on the Zen Trail during the True Grit. Photo by Dave Amodt, Crawling Spider Photography

Organizer Cimarron Chacon of Gro Races put together a recap video that tells the Big Story of the day. She had this to say about it, “We get it. We’re still having flashbacks and smiling at wistful memories of this year’s True Grit Epic dancing in our heads too. To help scratch the itch check out this fantastic video of the Epic we put together.
The landscapes, the sky, the smiles, the grimaces, and all the riders like you… it’s all truly EPIC. Thank you for joining us and making the 2023 True Grit Epic MTB a race that keeps us all coming back year after year.”

Watch it here:


2023 True Grit Epic MTB Winners

100 Mile Winners

  • Male: Samuel Brehm
  • Female: Gwendolyn Sepp
  • Master Male: Greg Golet
  • Single Speed Male: Brent Randall

50 Mile Winners

  • Male: Danny Van Wagoner
  • Female: Caroline Dezendorf
  • Master Male: Mark Esplin 
  • Master Female: Donna Winters
  • Single Speed Male: Mitchell Dann  

Complete 2023 MTB results here.

We can’t forget the grittiest folk of all: Extreme Grit Stage Racers! This year only 11 riders out of 25 managed to complete all three stages.
2023 Extreme Grit Stage Race Winners:

  • Male: Zach Calton (1206 points)
  • Female: Allyson Sepp (1205 points)
  • Masters Male: Jim Miller (1187 points)

Complete 2023 Stage Race results here.

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