Preview: DinoTri to be Held June 29, 2019 in Vernal, Utah

The climb out of the Red Fleet Reservoir is a tough way to start the bike leg of the DinoTri. The course flattens out a bit afterwards, but the beautiful scenery continues throughout. Photo by Dave Iltis

The DinoTri is one of Utah’s classic triathlons. Held each June in Vernal, it draws racers from around the West. No wonder. The course is incredibly beautiful, and the event is very well run. This year’s event will be on June 29, 2019.

We asked Brogg Sterrett of TriUtah who is the new organizer of Dino Tri to tell us about the event.

Cycling West: Tell us about the DinoTri course. What are the three sections for the sprint and Olympic?

DinoTri: The race starts at the stunning Red Fleet State Park. Olympic swims the 750-meter circle twice, the Sprint swims it once. Then you bike a steep hill out of the park before hitting the canyon where you’ll glide downhill into town. The sprint will go 13 miles to the transition and the Olympic will take a turn in town and go up Dry Fork Canyon before coming back to the transition for a total of 24 miles. Then everyone runs around the neighborhoods with the Olympic doing two loops for a 10K and the sprint doing one loop for a 5K.

CW: What is the scenery like? What are the highlights during the event?

DT: The scenery is amazing. Triathlon magazine called it one of their top 10 destination races because you can’t beat the brilliant red rocks of Red Fleet or the amazing views as you head through the canyon into town.

CW: Where can people stay in Vernal? Is there camping too?

DT: The Marriott Hotels have offered a discount to anyone that mentions Vernal DinoTri when they call in for a room. There is camping at the KOA in town or at Steinaker State Park.

CW: What are some of the options for families when the race is over, or for the rest of the weekend? Tell us more about the region.

DT: It’s a great place for a full weekend. There is a dinosaur museum in town, and Dinosaur Monument just outside of town where you can see actual fossils still in the rock. You can also hike and camp and see petroglyphs and a historic cabin. There is hiking and mountain biking throughout the area. There are also beaches at Red Fleet and Steinaker State Parks if you want more water fun.

CW: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

DT: The DinoTri is a great race where the entire community comes together and makes it happen. TriUtah is so excited to be a part of this great long standing Utah Triathlon.

Event Details:

June 29, 2019 — DinoTri, TriUtah Points Series, Vernal, UT, Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon. Race starts with an open swim at Red Fleet state park. The bike starts with a crazy hill climb out of the park and heads into town for a run and finish at Utah State Extension. One of the most beautiful triathlons in Utah!, Brogg Sterrett, 702-401-6044, [email protected],


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