Hurricane to Build Connector Trail to Gould’s Trail – Volunteers Needed


January 29, 2015 – A new connector trail will be built in Hurricane, Utah from 3 Falls to Gould’s Trail. The trail will start at the end of 60 E. and will connect to the ‘H’ on Hurricane Hill. Riders will be able to ride from town on singletrack rather than on the highway. According to Quentin Morisette of Over the Edge Sports, permission from SITLA (Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration) has been secured to traverse across their land. In addition, Hurricane City will eventually build a trail head at the start of the connector.

The trail will be two miles long including one mile of existing trail along the canal, and one mile of new trail to the ‘H’. Trail construction will start in early February 2015. Volunteers are needed to help with construction. Please contact Quentin at Over the Edge Sports at 435-635-5455 to help.

Hurricane Region Trail Map

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