Bryce Canyon to add Bike Path


Cycling West - Cycling Utah Magazine logoBy Charles Pekow

A paved bikepath will soon open in Bryce Canyon National Park. The National Park Service (NPS) announced it will build a multi-use trail. The project supports Bryce’s 2014 Foundation Statement to promote alternative transportation such as biking to clean the air. NPS also cited congestion caused by a 30 percent increase in park visitors between 20081 and 2012.

NPS will build the trail in two stages. The first 3.9-mile segment will run from the Bryce Canyon City entrance along the main road to Bryce Amphitheater, shuttle bus areas, the visitor center and North Campground, then toward the canyon rim to the general store, lodge and Sunset and Inspiration points. NPS expects to open this segment this fall.

The remaining 2.3 miles will parallel Bryce Point Road to the Bryce Point parking lot and trailhead. No timeframe or funding has been secured for this segment.


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