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After taking first at the Swiss Bike Cup in Gränichen, Switzerland, I was purely stoked. It felt good to know that I could be competing at the top, adding extra motivation and excitement for the hard week of training ahead, and I knew there was still lots of fine tuning to do.

By Haley Batten with Mark Deterline

My family and I left Switzerland behind and made our way to the Alps. Pure awe filled the car as we drew near Kappl, Austria. The mountain peaks shot far into the sky, supplying the perfect terrain for challenging workouts, thrilling descents, and jaw dropping views. We settled in for an incredible stay.

Although pure beauty surrounded me and I had epic rids to be planned, I knew I had a demanding week ahead and school work added an extra ball to juggle. Friday marked the last day of my online classes and although I had completed most of my work, lots of tests lay ahead.

Throughout the week I spent my mornings with the perfect training ride, right out our backdoor, adventuring way up the mountains to outstanding views and then descending on technical descents through the trees. On arriving back at our new home, I found myself picking up on school work from the night before and watching my computer screen until dark.

Although it wasn’t nearly as fun as my hours out on the bike, I found that my time outside had a serious positive impact on me mentally. After taxing nights back at home taking test after test, adventuring on two wheels on some of the most incredible terrain I have ever witnessed had a way of centering me once again. Another reason why I love my bike. I executed a lot of structured training on the bike, as well, though it too provided me with an escape into the unbelievable world we live in; riding is a way to reset, so I can sit down once again and give my best effort to schoolwork. Giving my best effort always rewards me with a greater feeling of satisfaction than I ever could have imagined.

And I can tell the hard work is paying off! Next up, I will be traveling back to Germany, where I will prepare for another weekend race in Heubach. Every day is providing me with amazing advents and time is just flying by!

Haley Batten of Park City competes internationally as a member of both the Luna Chix Pro Team and the US National squad, and is an accomplished XC ski racer. She automatically qualified for a berth on USA Cycling’s World Championships Team; UCI “Worlds” will be held June 28-July 3 in Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic. Other Utah racers who have qualified for the 2016 World Championships are Rachel Anders (Sandy, also competing in the Junior Women category Team Summit-Competitive Cyclist), who is serving as our Worlds correspondent, and Keegan Swenson (Park City, U23 category, Team Cannondale-360fly p/b Sugoi).

Haley’s palmarès

2016 Jr 17-18 winner at Swiss Cup in Gränichen, Switzerlan

2016 Jr 17-18 winner at US XC Pro Tour in Bonelli, CA

2016 Jr 17-18 winner at US XC Pro Tour in Fontana, CA

2015 US Junior National Cat 1 Champion

2015 US World Championship Team Member

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