Bike Utah News


By Brad Woods

Bike Utah is staying very busy as the summer starts to wind down. We will continue to be at rides and events throughout the state, and our fall Get Lit campaign is moving forward. Bike Utah will be working with public safety officials around the state to distribute lights and education to those who are riding at night without them, and who can’t afford them. Bike Utah is also working on collecting information for our 111 miles in 2011 campaign. If you know of bike lanes, trails, single track, or other bike facilities that have been newly constructed this year, they would like to hear about it. Bike Utah is also working on the planning for the 2012 Utah Bike Summit, and they are working with the State of Utah on several projects that we’ll talk about in the coming months, so keep and eye on this column. Bike Utah is always looking for volunteers and members to add their voice and make a difference for cycling in Utah. If you would like to help us, visit and become a member. Every voice counts in the effort to make Utah a safe and beautiful place to ride.

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