Bike Walk Montana Launches New Bike Camps for Touring and Smart Cycling Classes


By Linley Davis – 

Summer weather brings an open road of accessibility to the state Bike Walk Montana is dedicated to improving for bicyclists and pedestrians. Montana is a beautiful state to enjoy by bicycle or foot and Bike Walk Montana is on a mission to make sure everyone has this opportunity. Through the summer months the organization spends numerous hours traveling around the state to meet with communities discussing how to transition into a bicycling and walking focused city that is safe and accessible for everyone. Many rural communities throughout Montana are now embracing all of the positive changes that have come into place with creating a healthier, more desirable place to live and visit.

Cycling West - Cycling Utah Magazine logoBicycle tourists play a healthy role in Montana’s economy. Bike Walk Montana has worked with many rural communities to make accommodations for bicycle tourists in the form of bicycle camps. Bicycle camps are designed to provide bicyclists with amenities such as restrooms, shared cooking areas, shelters, bike lockers, bike maintenance stations, and electricity for recharging. Cities now offering bicycle camps include Glasgow, Anaconda, Stevensville, Boulder, Ovando, Three Forks, with projected camps in Glendive and Thompson Falls. In addition there are four Montana state parks that recently installed bicycle camps; Placid Lake, Salmon Lake, Wayfarers Lake, and Whitefish Lake State Park.

Along with community assistance and promoting bicycle tourism, Bike Walk Montana has been spending the summer teaching a number of Smart Cycling classes, attending planning meetings, reviewing transportation plans, organizing a statewide Safe Passing Awareness Ride, and preparing for the 2018 Bike Walk Summit to be held March 21-23, 2018 in Bozeman, MT. The Bike Walk Summit is designed to bring Montanans together to celebrate bicycling and walking in the state, and brainstorm the direction the state needs to move towards becoming more competitive.

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