Bond to Fund Jordan River Parkway and PRATT Trail to be on November’s Ballot


By Mitchell Andrus

Great news for trail advocates, Salt Lake County Mayor Corroon has proposed a $47 million bond for regional parks and trails. He has left it up to voters to decide if it will pass. The bond will cost taxpayers an extra $6 per year for 20 years. The bond was originally over $120 million but the Salt Lake County Council voted it down. Corroon revised the proposal down to $47 million. The Council then approved the revised version which will appear on the ballot in November’s general election.

“Passage of this bond will have positive regional significance for those who use green-space and trails,” said Juan Arce-Larreta, executive director of the PRATT Coalition.

The money will be distributed between the Parley’s Trail, the Jordan River Trail, the Lodestone Park, the Southwest Regional Park and, the Wheaton Farm Park. There will also be some money allocated for park land acquisition in Magna.

Parley’s Trail projects will receive $9 million to complete the trail between Tanner Park and the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The project areas include: Tanner Park to 1300 East, Hidden Hollow to McClelland St., and from 500 East to the Jordan River Parkway. The latter section would include the segment over the Roper Rail Yard.

Jordan River Parkway projects will receive $11.5 million to complete the existing gaps between Utah Lake and North Temple in Salt Lake City. When the trail is completed, cyclists will be able to ride approximately 55 miles from Utah Lake to Salt Lake City, and then along the Legacy Parkway Trail to Farmington and beyond.

Gaps remaining are from 16500 South to 15900 South, this is the northern edge of Utah Lake. Heading south from Springview Farms, 15000 South to 14600 South. Salt Lake County is currently working with West Jordan City to complete 9000 South to 8600 South along 1300 West (this will most likely be completed first once the bond money passes) and, 200 South to North Temple which already has a route planned. Some money will go to repair bridges and crossings. There will also be money for land easements and waterway use.

“This is the only foreseeable opportunity to complete these projects,” said Arce-Larreta. “Get out and vote yes for the Parks and Trails Bond.”

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