Cyclist Hit and Killed in Taylorsville


By Mitchell Andrus

A cyclist was killed in Taylorsville at 2:30 am on Sunday, August 19th when he was hit by a 29-year-old man driving a Mazda sedan. Brad Hendricks, 52, of Millcreek was an outdoorsman and a family man. It is not known why he was out so late or where he was going.

According to the Unified Police Department, Hendricks was not wearing a helmet, using lights or any kind of reflective gear. It is also reported that Hendricks was in the travel lane of Taylorsville Expressway and not the shoulder.

Authorities say alcohol and drugs were not a factor in this accident and no charges have been brought to the driver. “The case is still under investigation,” said Lt. Justin Hoyle of the Unified Police.


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