Amy Fowler’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling

Amy Fowler is running for Salt Lake City Council in 2017 in District 7.
Amy Fowler is running for Salt Lake City Council in 2017 in District 7.

Amy Fowler’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling in Salt Lake City for Cycling Utah

Background: Cycling is a healthy and fun form of transportation and recreation that improves livability, health, and economy in Salt Lake City. We ask these questions to provide information to Salt Lake City’s citizens regarding your outlook on cycling. We will publish the answers on as we receive them.

Candidate Information: Please provide your name, contact info for your campaign, council district (describe too) and if you like, a brief statement regarding your candidacy.

Amy Fowler

District 7

[email protected]

Council Candidate Questions:

  1. What is your vision for cycling (both road and mountain biking) in Salt Lake City? What would you do to make that vision happen (planning, budget, infrastructure, education, safety, economy, etc.)?

I believe that roadways belong to everyone who wants to access them, drivers, bikers, and walkers. I would like to make sure that we have more access to safe bike lanes. I haven’t researched this much, and I haven’t been in driver’s education in a while, but I would like to think about the idea of implementing an educational proposal for driver’s education and how drivers and bikers share the road.

  1. What is the biggest issue for cyclists currently in Salt Lake City and what will you do to address it?

I believe that one of the biggest issues with cyclists right now is that many Utah drivers do not know the rights of cyclers and pedestrians on the road. We need to provide further education and start to make the roads better for everyone to access.

  1. What would you like to see in your district in regards to bicycling?

I love riding my bike on the S-line path, I would like to see more bike friendly paths like that. And as we start to expand (or consider expanding) the S-line, we need to think about how we can incorporate more paths like that, which will entice people to bike, walk, and use public transportation,.

  1. In your district, the following is an issue for cyclists: 2100 S between 1700 E and 2300 E was supposed to get bike lanes according the 2015 Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. Yet the administration chose not to install them recently.
    What are your thoughts on this and what would you do on the Council to address it?

Again, I think so much of this has to do with education. We need to remind people that more people on bikes, means less people in cars. However, I also think we have to be conscious of people’s traffic concerns. Unfortunately, it is a delicate balance and we need to try to take everyone’s needs into account. Since the bicycle plan, for now, was not installed, it does not mean that we can’t change it. I also think that part of education means that we need to remind people that the master plan was adopted after a three-year community input period. I think that sometimes people forget that.

  1. What cycling initiatives would you bring to the Council?

Honestly, I don’t know. I will never admit to know or be educated on everything. I do know that I will bring the right people to the table to educate me on what will work and what won’t. As you may have noticed, I generally like to do research before I commit to anything. I truly want to know what works for a community and what does not. I’m not here just for popularity. I think that education is the key, and that starts with me. I support initiatives, I just don’t know which ones will be the most beneficial and effective at this time.

  1. Would you favor strengthening the Complete Streets Ordinance? If so, how? (

I would definitely support this type of ordinance. The more we can get people to use bikes and public transportation, the more all facets of our community benefit.

  1. Regarding the proposal 10,000 Wheels for Affordable Transportation, what are your thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this if you are elected? (

I LOVE THIS IDEA. Just saying. I would support this in every way I can.

  1. Regarding the proposal for a comprehensive recreational cycling plan for Salt Lake City, what are your thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this proposal if you are elected? (

Ummm, yes please. I just got into mountain biking and it was one of the greatest things ever. I would love to be able to support more recreational biking. Plus there are lots of benefits, economically, that come along with it.

  1. The 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was passed by the Council in 2015. What will you do to ensure its implementation?

Well, again, people forget that that plan was adopted after a lot of community input. We have to remind the community that this is a thing that exists and I would be a voice to implement it.

  1. Do you ride a bicycle? Tell us more about how and where you ride.

Riding a bicycle is one of my favorite things. I am not a cyclist or a mountain bike guru, but I love riding a bike. I love the feel of it, the freedom I have, and the joy it brings me. Also, my wife is cyclist and often rides her bike to work. She has come close to being hurt or injured by motorists, and the issue of creating safe roads for cyclists holds a special place in my heart.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I alluded to this earlier, but I will say it again, I don’t know all of the answers and I certainly hope you don’t expect me to right away, but I know what affects our community, I know what is good for the future, and I know what is dear to my heart. I want our kids to feel safe to ride their bike, to enjoy it the way I did when I was a kid, I want people to let go of their need to be tied to a car (myself included), and I know that I can be the voice that gets it done.

Thank you so much for your time!

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