Arnold Jones’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling

Arnold Jones is running for Salt Lake City Council in District 1 in 2017.
Arnold Jones is running for Salt Lake City Council in District 1 in 2017.

Arnold Jones’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling

Background: Cycling is a healthy and fun form of transportation and recreation that improves livability, health, and economy in Salt Lake City. We ask these questions to provide information to Salt Lake City’s citizens regarding your outlook on cycling. We will publish the answers on as we receive them. 

Candidate Information: Please provide your name, contact info for your campaign, council district (describe too) and if you like, a brief statement regarding your candidacy.

My name is Arnold Jones. I am running for District 1 (rose park area) city council.

Contact information: Arnold Jones election committee, 1250 n Oakley st, slc, ut 84116

As a candidate running against the current incumbent “ James Rogers” I believe he has done a very good job as the current incumbent. I feel that I have a lot to offer as a long standing resident of the Rose Park area and am aware of needed issues that need to be addressed in regards to District 1. I will work dutifully to represent the residents of my district as well as a team member in relation to working with all of the council members as there are many issues that affect not only our community but also Salt Lake City as a whole.

Council Candidate Questions:

  1. What is your vision for cycling (both road and mountain biking) in Salt Lake City? What

would you do to make that vision happen (planning, budget, infrastructure, education,

safety, economy, etc.)?

Answer: My vision for cycling both road and mountain biking in the salt lake city area would be to have more bikes available to our citizens within the city. It is a clean and healthy way of transportation. Does it work for everyone, the simple answer is no. Could it work for a lot of people, Yes.

I would like to see each of the neighborhoods have two bicycle station areas where people are able to pick up bicycles and drop them off at. I think that the current plan is only addressing recreational usage. Many people do not have the funds necessary to purchase quality bikes. This is one area that should be addressed. This is one area I would address as individuals use bicycles for various reasons.

As for mountain biking, this is a great exercise and also a sport. However, the majority of bicyclists are city riders using the Jordan trail and local streets.

More education is needed. It needs to be refined and then pointed towards each specific group. Like, children, elderly, families, etc.

Budgeting, this is a larger issue. New bikes, maintenance of bikes, charging of fees to use bikes or not. A lot needs to be considered here. The reason is that even though this is a positive method of having some small impact on street congestion, minimal effects on city pollution, revenue generation to help offset costs, etc. This really is a negative monetary generating option at this point and more than likely into the future.

I believe it is a worthwhile project and one I support, the real answer is two folded. Can the city budget include this and be able to realize it will be a revenue losing issue.

2. What is the biggest issue for cyclists currently in Salt Lake City and what will you do to

address it?

Answer: I covered this part in question one. There is a lot that needs to be researched and discussed and then brought up for consideration. This also includes the current enacted salt lake city recreational cycling plan and revising it appropriately.

3. What would you like to see in your district in regards to bicycling?

Answer: here in rose park district 1 area. Our community is primarily made up of working aged adults and families. We also have a large elderly population. I would like to see several locations were bicycles are available for our residents to utilize for riding and also through retailers offer a discount and/or possibly a city subsidized purchase program as many of our community residents, like other community residents, have limited income when it comes to purchasing and maintaining appropriate bicycles for their age groups and needed exercise levels. Is this an end all solution, of course not.

4. In your district, the following is an issue for cyclists: The Marmalade, Fairpark, and Rose

Park area have some great spots for cycling, but the crossing of I-15 and other areas need

vast improvement. What are your thoughts on our Proposal for Better Bicycling in the area: better-bicycling- marmalade-

rose-park- fair-park- area-salt- lake-city/

What are your thoughts on this and what would you do on the Council to address it?

Answer: First one fallacy I see in the plan is: by having bicycling lanes added in certain areas, which is much needed, do not slow down traffic speeds. This I have noticed as both living in and driving in as well as bicycling in is not correct. People need to be aware of bicyclists and pay attention to them as they have at times the right of way. Bicyclists also need to be aware of vehicles and ride in safe manners, Which I see as not happening as well. This is a two-folded issue as many other issues are.

As for adding bicycling lanes. This needs to be done and I feel that adding in a curbed area that helps in aiding for bicyclists safety. This is costly as well and needs to be addressed. However, I feel this is a necessity.

5. Also in your district, the Northwest Quadrant is being developed. The I-80 Frontage Road is

one of the best cycling routes in the Salt Lake Valley, but is under pressure from the new

development. What are your thoughts on this and what would you do on the Council to

address it?

Answer: I believe that part of the answer was addressed in answering question 4. I also believe that more appropriate research needs to be done on the issue. However, it needs to be included in the redevelopment plan.

6. What cycling initiatives would you bring to the Council?

Answer: I would like to find a way to implement some of the above answers through the council. I am aware that not everything will be approved. However, it needs to be considered. There are many additional ways of improving the current plan. However, this is not going to be an instant improvement and will need to be continuously addressed, revamped and improved. Not only through budgetary allocations but also through choices that help assist in healthy improvements to our community members but also viability of being able to purchase and use bicycles in all of our districts. Continuous plans to improve the plan needs to ensure it helps with all of the districts and not just favor one or two primarily. Otherwise, this will never move forward through the council and even reach the consideration and approval of the mayor’s office.

7. Would you favor strengthening the Complete Streets Ordinance? If so, how?


Answer: Overall, I would support this policy. However, there are some changes that need to be done to it and it needs to be brought to the forefront and find a way to begin implanting it.

8. Regarding the proposal 10,000 Wheels for Affordable Transportation, what are your

thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this if you are elected?( calls-for- 10000-wheels- initiative-for-affordable-transportation- in-utah/)

Answer: I think this is to broad of a implementation program to start with. It is a great idea. There are way to many issues to be covered initially as well as be able to get approval of budgeting. This needs a lot of stream lining and done in realistic setting of agendas and goals. Otherwise this is a futile plan and never get final approval.

I believe in having a committee to study this and suggest initial ways of realistic attaining this objective. Once this is done then considering a budget that is realistic and possibly attainable. Once this is completed then the bringing in of the officials listed would be appropriate for final consideration at each step of the program.

9. Regarding the proposal for a comprehensive recreational cycling plan for Salt Lake City, what are your thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this proposal if you are elected? ( for-a- salt-lake- city-recreational-cycling- plan/)

Answer: yes I would be supportive of this plan and work towards the goals listed in the above answer.

10. The 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was passed by the Council in 2015. What will you do to ensure its implementation?

Answer: I would suggest relooking at the plan and making necessary changes that I have suggested above and then take into consideration of the other council members suggestions as well as community input that would be needed.

11. Do you ride a bicycle? Tell us more about how and where you ride.

Answer: yes at various times I do ride a bicycle with my family and this is mostly done in the rose park area. I use it to go to the library, grocery store and just plain exercise.

12. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Answer: I feel that I have given a lot of feedback to this point in my above listed answers. This is not an end all solution and needs everyone’s consideration as stated above from community members and council members as well as retailers input. This issue affects everyone as a whole.

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