Phil Carroll’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling

Phil Carroll is running for Salt Lake City Council District 3 in 2017.
Phil Carroll is running for Salt Lake City Council District 3 in 2017.

Phil Carroll’s Answers to Salt Lake City 2017 City Council Election Candidate Questionnaire on Bicycling in Salt Lake City for Cycling Utah

Background: Cycling is a healthy and fun form of transportation and recreation that improves livability, health, and economy in Salt Lake City. We ask these questions to provide information to Salt Lake City’s citizens regarding your outlook on cycling. We will publish the answers on as we receive them. 

Candidate Information: Please provide your name, contact info for your campaign, council district (describe too) and if you like, a brief statement regarding your candidacy.

Phil Carroll

Salt Lake City Council District 3, Avenues and Capital Hill

(801) 328-1050 x 4

Phil Carroll – Candidate for Salt Lake City Council District 3

I have been intimately involved in the issues facing our community and have consistently worked to make our Avenues neighborhood a better place for more than 30 years. I have served two terms as Chair of the Greater Avenues Community Council. For 20 years I have organized the Memory Grove Clean-Up. I’ve chaired the Avenues Street Fair. I’ve chaired the SLC Transportation Advisory Board. For over two years I volunteered weekly at The Road Home mentoring the homeless.

In 1995 I started the non-profit Community Housing Services which acquires and builds affordable housing. CHS has 1200 units with 200 affordable apartments in District 3. I’ve served as President of the National Affordable Housing Management Association. I have extensive background in affordable housing, providing the U.S. Congress testimony on affordable housing issues.

My wife Carlisle and I have lived in our 1914 bungalow at 89 ‘G’ Street since 1987. Our children, Peter and Lena, were both born and raised in the Avenues.

My experience, qualifications, and education along with my dedication to our Avenues community have prepared me to represent District 3 on the Salt Lake City Council.

Immaculate Heart College, BA

University of Utah, MS

Western State University, JD

Council Candidate Questions:

  1. What is your vision for cycling (both road and mountain biking) in Salt Lake City? What would you do to make that vision happen (planning, budget, infrastructure, education, safety, economy, etc.)?Cycling should be an integrated part of our recreational opportunities on streets, trails, and parks. Cycling to work should be promoted and encouraged with other options, walking, and transit.
  2. What is the biggest issue for cyclists currently in Salt Lake City and what will you do to address it?Among the biggest issues are improving cycling access on UDOT controlled streets, across I-15 and collectors like 300 West and North Temple west of State. I would push for dedicated bike lanes.
  3. What would you like to see in your district in regards to bicycling?Create east west access to Capital Hill/Marmalade across I-15 and the rail lines. Create access between Capital Hill and the Avenues.
  4. In your district, the following is an issue for cyclists: The Marmalade, Fairpark, and Rose Park area have some great spots for cycling, but the crossing of I-15 and other areas need vast improvement. What are your thoughts on our Proposal for Better Bicycling in the area:
    What are your thoughts on this and what would you do on the Council to address it?
  5. What cycling initiatives would you bring to the Council?As each roadway is rebuilt, resurfaced, or restriped an assessment should be made to improve auto cycling interface.
  6. Would you favor strengthening the Complete Streets Ordinance? If so, how? (  The Council should use the masterplan and make changes as needed.
  7. Regarding the proposal 10,000 Wheels for Affordable Transportation, what are your thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this if you are elected? (  I’ve seen this in operation in the east. It is a great idea. This could be a project to involving the homeless. Bicycles are a big part of the homeless lifestyle(?). Many are talented bicycle mechanics. Maybe there is something here? I learned about this while working with the homeless. Yes, I am fully aware of the issues of bicycle theft.
  8. Regarding the proposal for a comprehensive recreational cycling plan for Salt Lake City, what are your thoughts and would you commit to working to implement this proposal if you are elected? (

    Absolutely yes.
  9. The 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was passed by the Council in 2015. What will you do to ensure its implementation? Safe walking, running and cycling in the city is very important. A passed Mast Plan should be followed.
  10. Do you ride a bicycle? Tell us more about how and where you ride.Each member of our family has a couple bikes. I ride around the neighborhood for enjoyment. I often do more socializing than riding. I do ride on vacations, recently in Central Park in New York. They are pretty aggressive cyclists. I’m looking for an ebike for myself.
  11. Is there anything else you would like to add?This is pretty high level and not very specific but while I’m not a daily commuter I do believe our streets must be safe for cyclist. This is a significant part of creating a healthy community. The future is here. We are installing charging stations on our properties for cars and we need to do it for those ebikes. One last thing. What about helmets for our green bikes?
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