East Canyon Road in Salt Lake County to Close to Bikes Starting July 5, 2022


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (June 29, 2022) — UDOT today announced that the East Canyon Road, SR-65, from the Little Dell Gate in Salt Lake County to the Big Mountain summit/Morgan County line will close from July 5, 2022 to the end of August. 

UDOT will be chip sealing the road and performing other roadway improvements. These will include shoulder widening in the eastern (uphill for bikes) direction, additional signage for bikes, and pavement markings. The widened shoulders will make uphill cycling safer once complete.

UDOT asks that cyclists not use the roadway until repairs are complete. It is possible that the repairs will be completed prior to the end of August.

Download the Flyer: 17298 SR65 Gate to Morgan Cnty Flyer

More details are on UDOT’s SR-65 Project Website.

Jared Eborn climbing SR-65 to the Big Mountain Summit. Photo by Dave Iltis


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