Jordan River Goathead pull Tuesday 8/24


Even though the city has already sprayed some locations along the Jordan River Trail twice this season for weeds, the persistent goathead weed is still rearing its ugly head and is threatening to drop more seeds.  In an effort to save our tires and dogs’ paws, I would like to meet out on the trail for about 1-2 hours to do some manual goathead pulling.  This is necessary since the flowers are already turning to seeds and spraying to kill the plant won’t eliminate the seeds.   Unfortunately this needs to be done very soon before the plants have a chance to drop their seeds and that means ASAP.   So for all of you that hate this plant as much as I do, let’s get together and make a difference! Date: Tuesday, 8/24 Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Place:  Dirt parking lot just north of 1700 South on Riverside Dr. What to bring:  Leather gloves, shovel (optional) I will bring plastic garbage sacks.  The attached pdf files show the locations of goat head weeds outlined in red that we will concentrate on. Dan Bergenthal SLC Transportation Division

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