SLCBAC News Fall 2017 – Chip Seal, LCC Intersection, Latina Bike Initiative, and Youth Education


By Marcus Kaller – At the August SLCBAC meeting, we started with a training session regarding chip sealing from Leon Barrett, from Salt Lake County, and Becka Rolf, from Salt Lake City. Needless to say, it proved to be quite informative, especially when taking into account the difference in methodology between what the city does and that of the county. The discussions, at times, went into debates on the two methods for chip sealing, which included costs, source of chips, and the overall process. To give you some insight into this, please check the article “Chip Seals and Bicycles – Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain?” from 2013 on

Cycling West - Cycling Utah Magazine logoIn addition, Helen Peters, the county transportation manager, informed the committee about the UDOT construction project at the intersection of Wasatch Boulevard and Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd (SR-210). The goal of this project is to improve the traffic flow by modifying the alignment of the intersection. It would also accommodate cyclists with bike lanes that allows them to ride either roads, including a dedicated northbound left turn following Wasatch Blvd. Some of the members expressed concerns that the pre-existing traffic lights were being taken out. Construction of this intersection began last month, and more information can be found on the UDOT web site.

With students returning to school this fall, it means that the folks at Bike Utah will be ramping up the Youth Bicycle Education program. And SLCBAC, once again, lend its support to help fund the program. As a reminder, what the Youth Bicycle Education program entails is teaching children on all education levels about bike etiquette and safety. In addition, children may receive free helmets and lights. If you are a parent or teacher who want to encourage students to ride bicycles, please contact Jace Burbidge, the Youth Education Coordinator, at 801-867-5485 or [email protected].

Similarly, we have voted to support the Latina Bike Initiative. Spearheaded by May Romo, from Salt Lake County Health Department, the mission of the initiative is to cultivate bike riding among Latino women and families in Salt Lake County. We hope to get more information for those who are interested.

Our next monthly meeting will be on September 11 in room N4-850, at the Salt Lake County Government Center, 2001 S. State St, beginning at 5:30pm. We hope to see you there. For more information, see


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