Bronze Gods of Cycling: The Bicycle Art of Cary Wolfson

Artist Name: Cary Wolfson, Title: Bronze Gods of Cycling, Medium: Composite digital photo, Size: 2131 × 1200 pixels

Brief artists statement:

My interest in digital photography was piqued by a trip to Italy in 2007. Since then my work has been featured at many venues in and around my hometown of Boulder, CO, and has received numerous awards and jury selections. For this image I took a snapshot while wandering around at the Loveland, Colorado, Sculpture Show in 2009. It took many painstaking hours to isolate and then process the riders before combining them with a mountain backdrop I shot in Sedona, AZ.

Unlike this piece, most of my recent work is solely done using an iPhone and I teach iPhone photography classes here at home and every summer at Common Ground on the Hill Music and Arts Camp’s Traditions Week in Maryland.

Where can people find your art and/or purchase prints?

Facebook: Cary Wolfson PhotoGraphic Arts; Instagram:@mrwolfo
Website or contact info: [email protected]


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