Tandem Bicycle: The Bicycle Art of Jason Beck



Title: Tandem Bicycle, by Jason Beck. Medium: Black on White Print on Wood

Artist Name: Jason Beck
Title: Tandem Bicycle
Medium: Black on White Print on Wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Brief artists statement:

Wood Transfers

In fall 2013 I was missing the hands-on process of making a print in the darkroom. I didn’t really miss the actual dark room or setting up trays of chemicals though, so I found something else to try. I started transferring my photographs onto wood. Each transfer is a unique, handcrafted piece. Paper prints of my images are adhered to wood, and I cut and sand each piece. Next, the paper is carefully removed by hand leaving the ink on the surface. The images are then fine-tuned, and finished with multiple layers of varnish. The final presentation appears rustic yet modern. This medium complements the vintage bicycles, cars, and signs that I enjoy capturing. As a DJ, my work is also influenced by music. Salvaged materials are often used, and some items are repurposed into furniture. I feel that this technique gives my images depth and enhances the character of each subject.

Where can people find your art and/or purchase prints?

Find Jason’s work at the Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market

Website or contact info: jasonbeckphoto.com


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