Indie Film “We Are All In This Together” Traces One Man’s Bicycle Journey from SF to NYC



With incredible scenery and soundtrack by Portugal. The Man, Troia’s film traces his bicycle journey from SF to NYC with no food or money to learn more about the human connection

MONTEREY, California — On January 12 independent filmmaker and adventure cyclist Daniel Troia released his award-winning independent film We Are All In This Together on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Google Play. Troia rode his bicycle from San Francisco to New York City with no money or food to find out how divided we really are as a people — and then made a documentary film about the experience. Part adventure cycling film, part social impact project, We Are All In This Together has won award after award on the film festival circuit and premiered on streaming platforms on January 12. Beloved indie rock band Portugal. The Man provided the soundtrack to the film.

Daniel Troia beginning his solo transamerica ride. Photo courtesy Daniel Troia

Equipped with hidden camera glasses and a cardboard sign that says, “Ran out of food. Anything helps.”, Troia listens to stories from the people who offer him help, and learns that those who have faced the most adversity in their lives often have the most to give. Across 19 states and over 7 months, Troia outruns a tornado in Kansas, runs out of water in the desert, nearly avoids hypothermia in Montana, and crosses the Sierras, Rockies and Appalachian Mountain ranges. A journey taken entirely alone and filmed with his hidden camera, Gopro, and a drone, Troia’s cross-country solo ride ultimately forces a new perspective on this country, one that convinces him that there is much more that brings us together than separates us.

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Daniel Troia during his solo transamerica ride. Photo courtesy Daniel Troia

This deeply captivating story — with spectacular footage — of a man’s desire to understand the human connection takes him on many twists and turns through glorious and grueling landscapes, in an ultimately uplifting journey of kindness. We Are All In This Together touches on our relationships with strangers, the shame of living on the streets and our judgments of the unhoused, the perpetual cycle that keeps folks unhoused, food insecurity and food waste, and the influence of fate and serendipity.

“The division in our world has been so intense, and issues around homelessness and food insecurity are so complex,” Troia says, “but the people I met showed me that the one thing we can control is how we treat each other. Every single day, we have the opportunity to show up for someone who needs help. On an individual level, this is where change really begins.”

We Are All In This Together will be screened at venues across the country, beginning with a benefit screening in Salinas, California for Dorothy’s Place, a shelter serving the poor, unhoused, and marginalized in Salinas’ Chinatown area. Screenings and benefits in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City to follow. Schedule to be announced soon.

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