Richmond Cycling Corps: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Film


In the heart of Virginia, the Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) is hard at work connecting with local youth and helping them discover the power of cycling. RCC Director Matt Kuhn has built an incredible community of young cyclists and has helped kids find their way as aspiring engineers, professional racers, and influential community members. Matt’s passion for the sport helps create a common ground for these young riders to explore their new talents and connect with other cyclists.

Photo courtesy Richmond Cycling Club

The club’s newest program, called “Legacy,” is designed to help foster riders coming up through the RCC program and help turn them into future leaders. One goal of the Legacy program is to one day bring a rider up through the ranks of the program and have them take over and lead the charge into the future.

Photo courtesy Richmond Cycling Club

Creating new bonds and building a stronger cycling community in Richmond, the RCC is helping build a better future, one sweet jump at a time. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

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