Cam Zink Claims Victory at the Epic Red Bull Rampage 2023 Event


VIRGIN, Utah (October 15, 2023) — In a remarkable comeback spanning over a decade, American mountain bike sensation Cam Zink secured his second Red Bull Rampage title at the 17th annual edition of the world’s most challenging freeride mountain bike event. Zink, who had previously clinched the trophy in 2010, made a triumphant return to the Utah desert, reaffirming his dominance in this awe-inspiring event.

Seventeen of the planet’s most fearless riders displayed their skills in the arid landscape of Southwest Utah, near the town of Virgin. The competition featured a jaw-dropping display of gravity-defying stunts and perilous terrain.

A historic moment unfolded in this year’s Red Bull Rampage with the introduction of 5G-connected first-person view (FPV) drones by T-Mobile. These drones provided audiences with unprecedented live views, unveiling never-before-seen angles of the riders’ breathtaking runs.

Cam Zink perfoms at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 11 October, 2023 // Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310140034 // Usage for editorial use only //

Zink’s claim to the 2023 title was nothing short of heart-pounding. He etched his name in the annals of freeride history as the sole athlete to conquer the incredibly steep “Grandfather drop.” From there, he soared off a 55-foot jump and executed a massive backflip on a 63-foot step-down jump, reminiscent of his iconic 2013 performance. Zink’s awe-inspiring run earned him a whopping 95 points.

Cam Zink competes at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT, USA, on Oct 12, 2023 // Long Nguyen / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310140066 // Usage for editorial use only //

After clinching the victory, the 37-year-old rider shared his emotions, stating, “A lot needs to fall into place for a run to be successful. After I cased that jump in my first run, my nervousness transformed into competitiveness. I was ready for my second run, with the confidence that the wind wouldn’t thwart my efforts. I’m thrilled that I reached for the stars and secured the win. A decade has passed since the original Sender, and it’s been 13 years since my last win. The step-down flip I performed remains the largest I’ve ever attempted, and it’s just as intimidating and heart-pounding as it was back then. I’ve invested significant effort, and I feel fortunate to continue pushing the limits at 37, making me the oldest competitor here.”

Tom Van Steenbergen competes at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT, USA, on Oct 12, 2023 // Long Nguyen / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310140058 // Usage for editorial use only //

Canadian rider Tom van Steenbergen executed an impressive comeback, securing the runner-up position. His run began with a daring caveman drop and continued with a spectacular 360-degree spin and a highly technical flat drop backflip on his largest feature.

Carson Storch backs flips at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 13 October, 2023. // Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310140030 // Usage for editorial use only //

American rider Carson Storch, who shared the same line with van Steenbergen, claimed the third position with a remarkable run, featuring a backflip and two signature 360 spins. The duo chose to skip their second runs and celebrated with a descent to the finish line in a Red Bull Rampage “party train.”

Other riders who shone in this breathtaking event included Spanish rider Bienvenido Aguado Alba, who received three distinct awards for his daring 70+ foot front flip over the canyon gap. Alba’s feat earned him the Utah Sports Commission Best Trick Award, the T-Mobile People’s Choice Award, and the Kelly McGarry Spirit Award. Aguado Alba expressed his triumph, saying, “I’ve been thinking about the front flip for the entire year. The speed required is so intimidating, and that was the main challenge in pulling it off. And it worked twice! Since 2019, when I made a rookie mistake, I’ve been working tirelessly to get back here.”

Two-time winner Kyle Strait was recognized with the BFGoodrich Tires Toughness Award, as he conquered the same line where he had suffered a back injury the previous year. Meanwhile, Swedish rider Emil Johansson secured the Michelin Style Award for his fluid and graceful execution of tricks, along with his unique combinations. The Carvana Digger Award was presented to the team of local rider Reed Boggs.

Final Results of the 2023 Red Bull Rampage:

    1. Cam Zink (USA) – 95.00 points
    2. Tom Van Steenbergen (CAN) – 89.00 points
    3. Carson Storch (USA) – 87.00 points
    4. Brendan Fairclough (GBR) – 86.66 points
    5. Talus Turk (USA) – 84.00 points
    6. Kyle Strait (USA) – 83.58 points
    7. Emil Johansson (SWE) – 82.83 points
    8. Bienvenido Aguado Alba (ESP) – 79.44 points
    9. Thomas Genon (BEL) – 77.41 points
    10. Reed Boggs (USA) – 76.73 points
    11. DJ Brandt (USA) – 73.51 points
    12. Alex Volokhov (CAN) – 72.00 points
    13. Kurt Sorge (CAN) – 69.66 points
    14. Jaxson Riddle (USA) – 68.00 points
    15. Adolf Silva (ESP) – 51.33 points
    16. Szymon Godziek (POL) – 0.00 points
    17. Clemens Kaudela (AUT) – 0.00 points

The 17th Red Bull Rampage once again showcased the extraordinary skills and courage of mountain bikers in one of the most demanding events in the world. Cam Zink’s triumphant return to the winner’s circle after more than a decade is a testament to the unwavering spirit of these athletes in the face of daunting challenges.

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