Colnago Introduces the G4-X Gravel Bike


CAMBIAGO, Italy (May 1, 2024) — Colnago has released the G4-X, its new gravel racing bike. Perfectly balanced, it is designed to help the rider tackle every riding environment.

The natural environment in all its forms, in every degree of wildness, is the stage for gravel. That’s why the G4-X liveries are inspired by nature:

MYTL – The detailed curves of this distinctive yellow color remind the viewer of the dirt road. Another characteristic of this livery is the Colnago logo, with its eye-catching negative.

PIGR – The shiny green background hosts silhouettes of pine trees in different shades of green, to recall a wooded environment. The Colnago logo on both the oblique tube and the head tube are chrome-plated.

ICBL – A shiny blue bike with a delicate dark blue texture reminiscent of ice and snowy terrain. The logos on both the oblique tube and the head tube are made of chrome paint.

Colnago G4-X. Photo courtesy Colnago

Colnago G4-X, a Colnago for Gravel racing

The G4-X is the new Colnago designed for gravel racing. This model is intended to replace the G3-X, using the best of what the Cambiago-based brand has learned in its experience in the WorldTour as well as in off-road competition such as CX.

The V4Rs used by UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ inspired the geometries of this new gravel racing bike.

Colnago G4-X. Photo courtesy Colnago

G4-X: the Perfect Balance of the Elements

It is too easy to try to describe a bicycle with just one specific number: the most aero, the stiffest, the lightest… Yet in the end, it is never just one number that makes the ridng experience.

The design of the G4-X is the result of optimizing all the following important factors for fast riding on dirt roads:

  • Handling
  • Lightness
  • Downhill rideability
  • Stability
  • Frame responsiveness
Colnago G4-X. Photo courtesy Colnago

The G4-X on the Gravel UCI circuit and in the CX World Championships

The G4-X will be used by the Club of Aces – the gravel team of Colnago in the most important events of the UCI Gravel Series, starting with The Traka 2024, (from 1 to 5 May 2024).

Notable members of the Club of Aces include Nathan Haas, Amity Rockwell, Mattia Gaffuri, Asbjorn Hellemose and Elliot Phillips – the content creator better known as @vcletsgetit.

The Colnago G4-X, despite being born for fast gravel, is a frame homologated and approved by the UCI as a Cyclocross frame. This is how Colnago’s presence in cyclocross racing is refreshed, replacing the G3-X, used by riders such as Silvia Persico and Ryan Kamp.

Colnago G4-X. Photo courtesy Colnago

Tire clearance, technical updates and mounting points

The maximum nominal tire clearance of the G4-X is 45mm (compared to the 40mm of the previous model). Of course, it is the rim-tire combination that effectively determines the maximum width of the mountable wheels.

The Colnago G4-X can be equipped with any type of electronic and mechanical groupset, both single and double. It will also be compatible with UDH, a new universal rear derailleur hanger designed by SRAM.

The G4-X uses the T47 standard for the bottom bracket. In addition, compared to the previous G3-X, it features a new seat post clamp, designed to better cushion bumps from uneven ground.

The G4-X features four riveted mounting points, two on the standard bottle cages location on the main triangle, plus one facing down on the down tube and one on the top tube.

Geometries and Sizes

The geometries of the G4-X are inspired by V4Rs for a more compact riding position. Compared to the G3-X, the steering has been revised and the cockpit is more compact.

In general, the reach has increased, for a longer riding position than the previous model.

The G4-X will be available in 5 sloping sizes: 450 – 480 – 520 – 540 – 570.


The available equipment specifications are:

  • SRAM Group Red XPRL, Zipp 303S wheels
  • SRAM Force XPRL Group, Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 DB wheels
  • SRAM Rival Group, Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 DB wheels
  • Shimano GRX RD-RX820 2x groupset, Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 DB wheels
  • Shimano GRX RD-RX822 1x groupset, Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 DB wheels


The G4-X will be available in stores from the second half of June. At the moment, only athletes of the Club of Aces are racing the G4-X.

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